Quick and Easy Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Hey Friends ♡ Hope you like this quick and easy makeup.


  • ⇢ MAC Soft Ocher Paint pot
  • ⇢ Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Palette
  • ⇢ Benefit They’re real Duo Shadow Blender Brazen Bronze
  • ⇢ Benefit Roller Lash Mascara
  • ⇢ MAC Fascinating Eye Pencil
  • ⇢ Annytude Feisty Lashes


  1. Hey Friends! Happy Sunday ♡♡♡ I hope you like this more easy makeup look! I´m quite enjoyed by the quality of the full face part. Somehow it´s not 100% in focus. I´m thinking about investing in a new camera lens but I have no idea what to go for. If any of you have tips pls let me know. I´m such a newbie :-p (Send me a DM on instagram if you wanna help me out @Makeupbyan)
    I hope you all have a lovely day and hopefully I'll see you in my next video ♡

  2. I love that its a full tutorial!

  3. Me inspiro em seus tutoriais. São os melhores na minha opinião.❤?

  4. Hey. I like better than sex mascara. It’s from Sephora. The only negative I have is I hate taking it off.

  5. Max factor masterpiece waterproof mascara is fantastic, my lashes do the same and this is the only mascara that holds a curl.

  6. I think you mean "regular basis." Just saying.

  7. Orange/red eyeshadows, 5 different shadow colours. 2 bronzers. Quick and easy, for work or school? Seriously?

  8. We need to look like this that would look good for those of us with brown eyes please with that palette

  9. This is an all year round makeup love it

  10. Once you curl your lashes, use a waterproof mascara. Learned this trick in beauty school. Really works! ?

  11. The way she’s a pro she even does it with the eyes close for a while?

  12. The best I’ve subscribed to!! Finally get to see your whole face???… you should do some full face tutorials as well love your videos!!!

  13. Can you do more tutorials using the jaclyn hill palette. You are so talented and beautiful

  14. She's so stunning it hurts and I love that she included some of her face, oh and her face makeup

  15. Wonderful video! Unlike other videos I’ve seen most don’t go into detail with their steps, as a beginner as myself this is really helpful! Thank You! ❤️

  16. I love all of your videos however, I think this one will be much easier for me to do. Thank you for sharing your talent. I also want to say how cute it is when you say a particular word then you say, "I think that's how you say it, I don't know". Your English is very good. Several people are hard to understand but not with you. Keep posting more videos, I love them. ❤️

  17. Wish I could do make up better!!

  18. Try using a lash primer. I like the Diorshow Maximizer 3d over the Lancome Hypnose or Estee Lauder Sumptous Lash. Best tip ever. Give it a try. You won't need falsies. ?

  19. Any look you do is amazing! xoxo

  20. Do you have a brush favorite video ??

  21. Very pretty!! I love that you included some other makeup and not just eyes!!! You are so pretty and your makeup is so beautiful!

  22. More natural looks!!! Show your full face of makeup more often and all your face your beautiful girlfriend!!! Love watching you and listen to your accent and of course your awesome makeup!!!

  23. My favorites mascara are perversion by UD and zoom lash , opu lash by Mac I don’t need to curl when I use any of this product.

  24. i had that problem to, but then i switched to waterproof mascara and now i never use non waterproof!

  25. I have the same issue with my top lashes, however, if I use waterproof mascara it keeps them up.

  26. I love your videos, just straight to the point. Your looks are always gorgeous.

  27. Very easy and stunning look as always!!

  28. Love more natural looks. I got a couple of new palettes for Christmas and can't wait to try this technique out with some of the neutrals 🙂

  29. You’re sooo prettyyy!!!❤️❤️

  30. Echt mooi! I'll definitely try this out

  31. This is the way everyone should explain their makeup tutorials! I absolutely love how you explained every step in detail! Love it!

  32. An,
    As ALWAYS another gorgeous look! And I really love that you used the Jaclyn Hill palette ! Been waiting for another tutorial on that palette that isn't from the blue/purple section! Also it's a look I can totally do… Let's hope?! Gonna set up my phone next to my mirror and try to learn from the master! I know I'll never look as stunning as you and your makeup but you inspire me to try!! Love your channel!! Thanks

  33. I love that you showed your whole face 🙂 you are gorgeous! Thank you for these amazing tutorials, your videos inspire me! ❤

  34. I love your full face videos! You are absolutely stunning ☺ XX

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