1. I'm not the best at hair but I tried to create some looks for you guys…trust me they look more complicated then what they are! You are fab, you can do these you've got this!

  2. They're all cute hairstyles but oh god… do you ever brush your hair? Looks like you rolled out of bed and said "YEP READY TO MAKE A VIDEO!!!" No, girl. That's not cute

  3. How the hell are these "quick" and easy?

  4. Crap are your arms fineee???? I tried to do the first one but my arms are gone,I pity youuu…….take care

  5. Easy Mtèl Têžį

  6. Your arms must have been killing you at the end ?

  7. Will you do a makeup tutorial on the look you have in this video

  8. She looks not so good sorry no hate tho

  9. I am shit a french braiding lmao you look cute I'll look like trash

  10. She wears a bit too much make up

  11. Прикольные причёски !

  12. I can barely have a nice ponytail without those little bumps sticking up and looking like a potato too ?

  13. Am I the only one who notices that she looks so much like Selena Gomez? ?

    Amazing hairstyles by the way! A must try!

  14. Music sounds like it's apart of the Sims soundtrack lol

  15. …am I the only one who thinks she looks and sounds like Rose from doctor who??…

  16. I love how u try to make it prettier by widing the bun or whatever u do there XD. For me i dont need to do that i have massive hair that i need to brush at least 10 minutes to make something out of it XD love ya

  17. Ur sooooo pretty and these hairstyles r really good

  18. I love this hairstyles, they are so pretty & practical.

  19. this sounds like a sims soundtrack 😀

  20. You make it look so easy ❤️?love you xx

  21. Ffs thats not even easy or quick i suck at hair ….

  22. Is it just me or does she kinda look like Selena Gomez??

  23. So amazing!!!!! Your hair is so goalssssss ❤️??

  24. I used to have long hair but it became damaged, I decided to cut it. At first, I regretted it lots as I felt that there wasn't much to do with it. But I saw this video and realized there's heaps of styles to do. Now my hair is healthier and thicker than ever and is going to be rocking a lot new hair-dos. Thank you!

  25. These styles are perfect for my hair color and length. Thanks so much, Jordan!

  26. such a good video! loved the different looks! keep it up girl xxx

  27. And my hair doesn't stay in those styles for long so can you find some styles for me??????????pls?????????

  28. I have shorter hair than you???????????????????

  29. I'm so jealous of your hair!! ?

  30. who else thinks she looks like sarah hyland Xxxxx

  31. i like braids so much. bravo

  32. These would never work on my hair because I have thick hair ??

  33. She looks like the modern familys girl!

  34. I will look like a nerd if I wear that two braids 🙁

  35. That messy bun would take me 10000 attempts to look that good! And still then i look like miss trunchbull off Matilda ?

  36. Does it bother anyone else that all people ever talk/post about anymore is aesthetics?

  37. How does she get the tiny pieces of hair? Can you get it cut l Iike that or something??

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