Quick Beautiful Goddess Bun + Ponytail Option

As with most of my hairstyles, this one is a lot easier than it looks! You can do it with micro braids or more voluminous ones, on messy hair or sleek hair – whatever suits you and your taste best!!

This hairstyle is amazing for lazy sweatshirt days if you want your hair to still be on point. At the same time it’s a great bridesmaid or bridal hairstyle, and it could work for a formal like homecoming or prom. It’s insanely versatile!

Love you guys!


  1. This is gorgeous you are so talented I am definitely going to give this a try maybe even for the holidays this year

  2. So beautiful! I'm so making it when going to the world class restaurant in Moscow!!!

  3. Awesome I love how you can transition it from a ponytail to a bun! This hairstyle is great I love it

  4. beautifulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  5. Its so cool

  6. it's beautiful this hairstyle

  7. this hairstyle is going to help me because in school we are doing greek gods and goddesses and I have to dress up so thanks a lot!!!

  8. I love you and your beautiful hair tutorials but I can't try any of them yet because my hair is too short 🙁 it's long but just not quite long enough to reach over to the other side of my head

  9. i love you and your videos

  10. you are so cool tween hairstyles

  11. Dear Melissa

    I must say, you have a spectacular channel. I congratulate you on that. But I have a couple of questions.
    1. I have thick, frizzy, wavy hair and most of your hairstyles don't work on me – do you have any friends who work with that hair? Or, do you have any tutorials for said hair? I would be much obliged.
    2. Do you have any recommendations for flat irons?
    3. Could you please do a tutorial on how to do a basic Dutch braid?

    Thank you!
    Love, Anna.

  12. the colour of your hair is very good

  13. can you make a video on how to get rid of frizzy hair?

  14. Do you have to create a bump if you don't like teasing?

  15. I love this hairstyle! I did in with fishtail braids, it is a little more boho that way which I love 🙂

  16. Beautiful and not too difficult, thanks!

  17. This is one of the easiest and the coolest hairstyle I have tried!

  18. mine doesn't come out like yours ! ?

  19. Could I make this into a half updo?

  20. Oh my goodness this is so cute!

  21. Kayley's voice sounds like Mandy Moore!

  22. Omg this is like Gwen from Merlin's Queen hair! It's so pretty!

  23. I'm all late with this video but I love this sooooooo much! Especially with the bun! So pretty! Will def try this. Thank you:)

  24. I've tried this countless amounts of time now and the braids always slip the bobby pins. Tried snap clips, still doesn't work. Seems like my hair is just too thin for this 🙁

  25. I love it! i hope it would still look fine with my super dark no highlights hair :/

  26. Wonderful tutorial. I have to ask you Kayley, what are you using on your brows? It seems like the perfect ashy colour so I'd really love to know!

  27. Im late but I was wondering is the bump nessessary?

  28. I really love this hairstyle. Thank you for making a tutorial. But I am worried to tease my hair, because it is very long and I am afraid the individual hair parts will not seperate later.

  29. Awesome! I hope this works for my hair because I have really thin hair.

  30. You look so much like Theresa Palmer o.0
    Really nice hairstyle! So easy to do and it really looks good!

  31. Wow, I really love this hairstyles. I did the bun for my last schoolday before christmas yesterday and today I'm wearing the ponytail. I love both of them! They are really easy and look amazing. Thank you so much <3

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