Quick Braided Half Up Hairstyle for Back to School!

What I’m wearing:

  • Dress: Angl
  • Bracelets: Forever 21
  • Necklaces: H&M
  • Backpack: Forever 21

Love you guys!


  1. i dont understand hot u manage your hair so perfectly… i cant even braid properly..

  2. When I try the base of the braid is showing and the hair on top doesn't hide the end of the braid and the bobby pins always stick out ?

  3. Oh my gosh so nice hairstyle! It seems really difiicult but I'm gonna try it your style is cute <3

  4. Your so pretty and i like your hairstyles…love it

  5. how do you even manage to handle your hair so easily

  6. sorry I mean I wish I could be pretty like you

  7. sorry I mean I wish I was pretty like you

  8. I will I was pretty like your

  9. I love this, but my hair doesn't cover the base of the braid. What am I doing wrong?

  10. The hair at the top that I separate to cover booby pins is never enough, like even if I take a really big section there's piece of the bobby pin sticking out. Your hair looks always so perfect in your videos : none broke hair flying aroud, volume, length, and when your curl it you put your fingers through it and it happens to be perfect.

  11. Haha, was just watching the twisted rope braid video, where talked about the 90's. Then I clicked on this and I was like 'THIS IS SOOOO 90'S' with the necklace and all haha
    Love it <3

  12. Can you do back to school hairstyles for short hair pleeeeeeease

  13. Can you do more back to school videos?

  14. Can you do quick styles for wet hair? I shower in the mornings and wish there was more I could do with my hair than let it airdry when I'm rushed

  15. Im going to have that hairstyle when i meet my bf for the fort time in two monthes, so I really love it❤️

  16. None of these work for me with my side bangs 🙁 I have to leave them out so my braid ends up being in the middle of my head and not at the front. It's so annoying because I'm trying to grow them out so I can actually do stuff with my hair, but it's taking forever. 

  17. Just tried it and I love this so much! 

  18. Thank you so much for this!!! Its so pretty and im gonna wear it for the first day of school:)

  19. Can you show more braided styles for shoulder length hair? particularly updos. I get so jealous watching your tutorials while I grow out my hair! I love all your tutorials – You're brilliant! xx

  20. Your hair is such a pretty color right now!! It's so…golden!! And shiny! Lol supah pretty!

  21. I adore the pairing of a hairstyle and an outfit. You should definitely do this more often!! Mwah!

  22. Hello, Kayley, I always am following your page, you are truly amazing, and wonderful, I wish you the best wishes. ^_^

  23. Love this hairstyle!! What's your fav method for no heat curls?

  24. I just tried this hairstyle. I'm sorry to say that, no matter how I try to do it, it just doesn't work on shoulder length hair that has a fine to normal thickness.
    Usually I really like your hair styles, but if they don't work on normal length hair, it gets frustraiting and it's no fun to keep watching tutorials that can't be accomplished on hair like most people have it…
    But I still like your videos!

  25. you're amazing! 🙂 I love this braid! <3

  26. I have side bangs that go to the corner of my eye. How can work with that to do this hairstyle?

  27. I love to see hairstyles with outfits <3

  28. I'm in love with this hairstyle! <3

  29. This hairstyle is so nice! Love it!

  30. Can you make some hairstyles for short hair please? 🙂

  31. Okey, thanks a lot for the tips 😀


  33. It is very beautiful! I like it!

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