Quick Bun Hairstyles for Short / Medium Hair – Hair Tutorial!

Here are some quick and bun hairstyles for short and medium length hair! It’s a super duper easy hair tutorial, but hopefully it gives you some great inspo!

Here’s how to get 5 different buns on short or medium length hair. We’ve got half up half down hair styles, an updo, a braid, basically anything you could need for shoulder length hair every day or even for school. I love a hairstyle that you can do in 5 minutes and be out the door. Technically these are no heat hairstyles as well, so they’re even easier and great for making healthy hair.

PS, in case you missed the memo, it’s a wig! ๐Ÿ™‚

โ˜…What I used:โ˜…


  1. i love these so easy and helpful

  2. I have just donated my hair….perfect!

  3. I love your wavy hair mine is only straight

  4. If my hair could talk while I was trying to do the hairstyles it would be like " oh your trying ti bun me? Well let me just slither out of this elastic and make me look like a poop on your head"

  5. I need you to tell me how to ask my stylist to dye my hair like yours

  6. Kayley Melissa question how come your wig looks so natural?

  7. Could you do a video on faux hawk hairstyles?

  8. These are so realistic ???
    new subie

  9. More short hair vids! I just cut my hair today :3 and your videos are amazing

  10. Ok I love the video, but is the song at 3:00 a legit song or just a background song? I must know, I want to listen to it more!

  11. never seen anyone so gorgeous omg !!????

  12. Cute!! ?

  13. Can I use these hairstyles into my office work

  14. I did the last hairstyle on my little sister and it looked great!
    Thanks for this video!

  15. I love it ? and ur hair color and cut is so beautiful

  16. about a week ago my hair was near the length of ur ( ur natural hair ) and i just cut my hair near the length if this ? since then ive been curling it because i think it looks best curl .. cld u do somehair styles with straight short/ mid length hair ( like half updo or something ) . please ! i honestly dont know how to style my natural straight hair ??

  17. OMG!!! I love it love it!!!

  18. first thing to have. hair…

  19. I hate to ruin it…but before I commented there were 666 comments.?

  20. Let's admit it she looks like Whittany on Dancing with the stars!!!

  21. Just got my hair chopped to this length yesterday and am now having that "oh my goodness, what do I do now?!" moment, thankfully Kayley is always there to save the day so rewatching all her short hair videos haha

  22. I love these cute short hair hairstyles! The messy buns are super pretty and I love how these hairstyles are easy and quick!!

  23. bruh those pins aren't gonna last all day tho

  24. Kayley your beautiful! Zoella and you would be perfect friends

  25. Pause at 1:01 and look at all of them lol

  26. This is so cute โค๏ธ

  27. what if teasing doesn't help…I mean not at all and my hair looks like I've been teasing for god knows how long??

  28. Your hair is gorgeous like this!!!!!! The color is beautiful too. You look stunning.

  29. I've decided to finally cut my hair at the end of the month and can't wait to be able to try these new styles!

  30. These hair styles are so amazing

  31. if i did any of them i would only have 3 pieces of hair on my head left ;w;

  32. I just subscribed and I'm already loving this channel

  33. love your tutorials they look like i can do it for beginners

  34. I recognize that last one from your boho hair tutorial from years ago. so cute!

  35. I love this video!Kisses from Spain!

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