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  1. Please tell me what lashes you use and where do I get a pair please!

  2. I looooovvvvvveeeeeeee Ur videos???

  3. Browwwwww Tutoriallllll, Yass!! Loved This Look!!?✨

  4. If you had to stick to one shade, would you choose w5 or w5.5? We're the same shade but I don't want to mix the colors. ?

  5. Can you do a skincare routine! I noticed that your skin has improved a lot and it looks so flawless

  6. you're so beautiful , god bless you :). Your makeup tutorials are awesome I've tried doing some.

    You should def' do a makeup using drugstore cosmetics
    Love You :3

  7. can u please do a updated eyebrows tutorial

  8. You honestly deserve more subscribers!! you're gorgeous! I just discovered your channel and i love your videos <3

  9. Simple, easy and pretty..

  10. Loved how the look turned out and how easy it was ??

  11. so sexy and pure,i love you)

  12. So pretty! Do you know what kind of lighting your sister got? As for a video, idk if you've made this yet, but can you do a brow tutorial ? I can never get that airbrushed look. Your channel is great!

  13. I think this is my favorite video ❤️❤️ your so bomb! && make it look so easy ?
    Also umm I would love an eyebrow tutorial ???

  14. your skin getting clear. btw love watching all of your videos. and brows tutorial please!! love it!!

  15. You're my favorite youtuber ❤️

  16. By far my favorite makeup look! ? a skincare routine for your next video pls…?

  17. How could anyone dislike? Lol
    I would love to see you do a night time/skin care routine since you wear makeup to work. Your skin in flawless underneath. You're eye makeup was so easy to do. Thanks for that lol.

  18. The lighting kept changing, but regardless, beautiful!!

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