Quick Hairstyles for Hats, Scarves, and Cold Weather ❄ – KayleyMelissa

For today’s how to let’s talk about quick hairstyles you can wear with hats and scarves during cold weather (which we will hopefully get soon!).

I hope you guys enjoy this hair tutorial for quick and easy hairstyles for fall and winter! I’ve gotten so many requests over the years for this style of video over the years so I hope this lives up to everything!


  1. i love this so much. thank you for the wonderful ideas!! I honestly haven't spiced up my hair looks in years, with school and all. but now that that's over…let the hairstyles begin!

  2. What about doing a cold weather hair product tutorial?? Like products for dry scalp and keeping your hair healthy through the winter!

  3. Could you please do another winter hairstyle video but with short hair? I have fairly short hair and don't really know what to do with it. Thank you!

  4. Loving this! Specially the last idea. Please do more of these.

  5. Hai Kayley,
    again a really nice video!! but i've got a question. I've got baings myself. Could you show some hairstyles with baings fot the winter quick and easy?


  6. I'm disappointed that you didn't show the finished hairstyles without the hats.

  7. Who else thinks kayley looks adorable in every single hairstyle omgg

  8. Hi! Can you do some Last Kingdom hairstyles? I loved what you did for Game of Thrones

  9. hi I,m just new to your channel and I,m so excited I like your heatless curles

    Totally going to try ASAP.
    Thanks Kayley!

  11. (For any fellow braiders) I recently cut my hair short after years of it being super long but now I dont know what to do with it for my school winter dance except curling it. Its to my collarbone now. Does anyone know what I could do with it or have any suggestions? Thanks! ?


  13. Hey Kayley! I always look forward to your uploads and love the work you do. It keeps my own hair looking interesting with all the options you offer. I don't think I've ever seen a banana bun hair tutorial on your channel and there is a picture I saw recently that I've tried recreating, but just won't happen for me. Do you think you could take a look at it and give it a shot on your channel? I would really appreciate it. The link https://www.tendances-de-mode.com/breves#b7142

  14. Hey Kayley,
    Thank you for your amazing Tutorials over the years! Enjoyed watching them for a long time.

    I have some suggestions:
    How about very loose messy buns?
    Also you have a lot of hairstyles where the hair is parted in front (if that makes sence) and that doesnt go well with my face shape, since its quite long and slim. Can you create some updos and low buns with the hair swept back over the head? (I hope its understandable – for example like the hair is for a high bun).
    That would be so so helpful!
    All the best!

  15. 1. Can you tell us how to make our hair grow as fast as humanly possible, please?

    2. Will you review Briogeo products for us ?

  16. Love your nail color! What brand and color is it??

  17. Kayley! I bought your living proof collab box, I haven't used it yet but I'm so excited! Ive been wanting o try living proof for a while but I haven't seen little bottles of any of thier products, only online. I'm so ready to try out these products though!

  18. Is it just me, or does she really look like a lil kid with all those comfy oversized clothes and sweater paws?! ?

  19. OMG u look sooo good with bangs Kayley

  20. I just got bangs and I'm so happy that you included a hairstyle with them!

  21. Could you do some videos like this but helping. The girls with super thick hair like my self

  22. Please do more of these videos it changes my world! We're I live it gets really cold and I'm always were scarfs and hat wear and I never know what to do with my hair intel I saw your video thank you so much for the help please do more really fast because I'm going to run out of I deas??❤️

  23. Can you do a French braid on a little girls hair that is wavy curly.. really want to learn so I️ can do my daughters

  24. CAN YOU PLEASE DO MILITARY HAIR TUTORIALS I'm entering ROTC and I don't want to look weird because my hair is so long and thick and it can't touch my collar it would REALLY HELP

  25. So sooo cute Kayley! Good one girl Xx

  26. Kayley!!! Can you please do some hairstyles for girls with super long hair (like to belly button length)? I always have trouble doing like milkmaid style braids cause my hair is so long I have to wrap it around like twice haha. Thank you!!!

  27. I loved all the hairstyles ! I wish this video would came sooner because here in Peru is spring ! The cold weather has almost gone but I think this hairstyles will be perfect also for those sunny mornings and cold nights here in Lima ?

  28. It's already freezing in Sweden so I'm gonna try 'em soon???

  29. Which hairstyles do you wear the most?

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