Quick Heatless Messy Bun and Braids


  1. could you do a video on 5 min hairstyles for school and you have to have your hair upb:-)

  2. I remember that teal background lol. Time does fly. Oh well still love your channel never leaving haha

  3. This is so gorgeous and unique!

  4. thanks so much for this video it'll help me, now i need to grow my hair long lol

  5. youre hair is sooo beutiful!

  6. I love this hair style and you always do such a great job and explain things very well. Keep it up!! 🙂

  7. ur adorable! and ur hairstyles are awesome! thanks so much!!

  8. Love your sweater/shirt!! So cute!! 🙂

  9. Hello, Kayley, I always am following your page, you are truly amazing, and wonderful, I wish you the best wishes.

  10. me gustan tus tutoriales, espero que no cambien 🙂

  11. i love it!!! and i think it would look super cute if u just made a pony and left the braid in the pony tail:)

  12. Very cute and easy idea! I love how it turned out on you.

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  13. I like the idea of the hairstyle especially as it's really quick and not too difficult. Could maybe do a hairstyle for pe/sports that still looks nice but is also practical for school sports. Xxx

  14. love this! wore it today and I got heaps of compliments! ?

  15. Love love LOVE IT!!! Never would've came up with this idea on my own! Thank you! ♡

  16. pleaaseee I really want to know where did you buy your sweater I love it!
    and y love your hair color I want to do the same with mine but dont know how to ask it for

  17. You have the best hairstyles! Thank you so much 🙂

  18. Saw you on project mermaids!!

  19. Yayayayay! More Kayley!

  20. Always love your back to school hairstyles, they are always so quick & easy to do. Defiantly going to try this one out 🙂

  21. looks great kayley! gah, feel old now-been watching you since the green background days! request wise, for back to school- id love to see hairstyles that don't require any (or very little) dutch/french braiding as (personally) that takes so much long to do in the morning. either way, i know it'll look cute! loved the video xx

  22. I see it now. Thank you!

  23. I dont like the bun part, but the voluminous braids with a ponytail are super pretty

  24. Hey Kayley! Do you have a V shaped haircut or not? I´m not able to tell. Right now I have long layers and V shape and it´s really not working for me. I would love to have your haircut 🙂 Thanks doll xoxo

  25. I love how you do outfit styles too!

  26. Quick question.
    How many of these 'Back to School' videos are you planning to make? ☺️

  27. Can you do a hairstyle that will last through gym class?

  28. Looking at the preview pic of the video I thought the messy bun was actually made of dreads and that's what I didn't like. In my opinion it would look much better with a simple pony or more polished bun.

  29. This looks so cute > <! I like the combination of different braid styles in this hairstyle ^ ^ ☆

  30. kaley please make more videos for naturally curly hair every time i wanna make any hair style by you i have to straight my hair and that's not good because i'm trying to grow my hair out 🙁

  31. Can you do a low ponytail and a french braid

  32. Which outfit were you wearing without the extensions?

  33. Amber Filleup did a tutorial just like this one

  34. Whenever I pull my hair apart I end up with these weird wholes in between my strands 🙁 can you help me Kayley?

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