Quick Side Updo for Prom! (or Weddings! :D)

This is a perfect feminine updo for prom! It’s also great as a bridal hairstyle or for one of the wedding party, just a thought! 🙂

Nails: Essie’s Brazilliant
Lips: Revlon Jungle Peach and Flower Beauty Baby’s Breath lip gloss
Dress: Target
Necklace: F21


  1. Thank you for this video! I was easily able to do my bonus daughter's hair with the help of your tutorial for her winter formal! I have a beauty channel as well and just posted an anti Valentine's Day makeup tutorial. Check it out! Today is also my birthday so leave me a comment on one of my videos! ❤?

  2. This is beautiful and sooo easy! Thank you so much, I needed a last-minute fancy hairstyle for an event tonight and this turned out perfect!

  3. as a stylist I can tell you what this girl did vs the final outcome was edited and she either had someone fix it or redid it.

  4. Not that quick to do,but lovely

  5. I genuinely appreciate how short this video is

  6. Finally! I used this video last year for my junior prom and I need it for this year and I've been looking for it for hours!

  7. I wish someone would do some tutorials like this on short hair

  8. Follow My Channel on how to do hairstyles

  9. Thanks for the great tutorial! I did this on myself for prom and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

  10. can someone come do this on me i dont have the patience lmao

  11. arranging the ends gotta be the toughest part for long hair girls. It looks beautiful on u

  12. Amazing! Can't wait to try it! ????

  13. how are you able to hide the bobby pins?

  14. Very beautiful and elegant ?

  15. i did this hairstyle for my graduation.really easy, everybody loved it .thanks for the video!!!
    p.s. it really makes a difference if your curl your hair.

  16. this did not work on my hair at all. looks really good on you though 🙂

  17. Your detailed description is the bomb!

  18. I just finished this hairstyle! Absolutely love it.

  19. "Relatively easy and quick and easy"

    Me too

  20. this hair style is so pretty! I'm gonna wear it for homecoming

  21. This is so hard!!! I did EXACTLY WHAT YOU DID!!! And it won't work!!! I used the same size curler too!! Didn't have oiled hair eigther!!!

  22. muy lindo me gusta

  23. Easy wedding up do for medium length hair

  24. You just gained a new subscriber. ?

  25. This is my backup hairstyle if my hairdresser cancels the hair appointment for my prom. Even though it's a very pretty hairstyle, I hope I don't have to do it!

  26. You so did not do the finish look!!!

  27. Its pretty cool. … i liked it
    But i am not able to do. Its becoming kind of a total mess…

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