Quick Tiramisu – Gordon Ramsay


  1. Hahahaha nice Pump It Intro 🙂

  2. Sniper cameraman strikes again

  3. These recipes are not for poor people 🙁

  4. Сука б одни б сипаратисти на стронице а украенци шо тироммесцу не жруть б)))от падли б токо йм б сало в чоколяте подавай))убив би б!!!йой йой придурки падли

  5. Again, did the cameraman film with a microscope or what?

  6. Zoom in, can't see the sugar grains.

  7. Yea I'll probably learn more from watching a comedy cooking channel then this here

  8. Probably the shortest cooking video ever

  9. This year is 2017…and I still fucking watch this video…someone help me

  10. Sucks that teachers cant explain good and fast

  11. FUCK! and I mean that in the most nicest impressive way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Background music so lit.. Btw what is the name song ?

  13. I love these super fast paced cooking videos.

  14. I hope cameraman/editor of video got fired

  15. I don’t think you need to sharpen your knife to make a tiramisu.

  16. Как можно на солнце сказать что это луна? Бог просто бог

  17. Can you make a little bit slower tiramisu?

  18. I had a seizure watching that

  19. I got epilepsy attack while watching this.

  20. Did the camera man record this with a sniper scope .

  21. It is so fast it can cause a seizure ???

  22. That was quite intimidating and… I didn't understand it quite well… so

  23. What I do is instead of vanilla extract I add run extract if you want a different hint of flavor

  24. Hahhaa perfecto! So glad I found this youtube channel! I've learned so much.

  25. Fuck me

  26. Could u zoom in more I didn't see a particular atom

  27. the camera made this so confusing

  28. Yeah great fucking camera work in this damn channel! Nice tempo too!

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