WHO DOESN’T WANNA TASTE THE RAINBOW? Today I’m showing you how to create rainbow brows!Perfect for pride, a colorful party or whenever you wanna show off those makeup skills! Ready to play with color? let’s go!

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.


  1. if you follow me on social media you know that a couple of days ago my little brother lost his fight against cancer… if there's one thing he was incredibly proud of, it's my channel. today I'm uploading this rainbow brows video to hopefully cheer up those in need of some color and fun. I love you!

  2. What do you think? Cristines voice

  3. Omg so cute and you almost @ 10 million subscribers!!

  4. You're the strongest sister Nikkie! Ily ❤

  5. Oh my god I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT !!!!!! I love your brows ????

  6. I love u Gurl sorry about ur brother but he’s always gonna be proud of u no matter wat love u ❤️❤️???

  7. When it's my prom this bitch better hit me cos queen you are slayinnnn??xxx

  8. Hij zou zo ontzettend trots op je zijn Nikkie ??❤️


  10. Nikkie you are so inspirational?

  11. We are so sorry for your lost and hurting with you. We support you baby. Thank you for sharing, I’m sure you’re brother is so proud of you. We love you so much ❤️ R.I.P. ?

  12. So so sorry for the loss of your brother, you keep making him proud everyday, lots of love to you and your family?

  13. This year is gonna be a BROWTASTIC YEAR…. hahahaha…………

  14. I’m so sorry got your loss Nikkie ❤️xx

  15. You look like rainbow dashdjdjdjdd

  16. Sorry for your and your family loss…. ?

  17. eYe BrOwS aRe SiStEr's NoT tWiNs
    Sorry for you and your family. Stay strong gurl ☺

  18. Love your way, deepest condolences for your family ❤️

  19. You're so brave and strong, we love you and we will support you through this hard time, take all the time you need, this isn't easy so don't worry about the channel, we will be right here waiting for you when you're ready, stay strong ??❤️

  20. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ so much love for you!

  21. I love u so much xxxxxxxxccccccccxxxxxx

  22. Love this and love you!sending my thoughts and prayers for you and your family ❤️

  23. Love you nikkie espero te mejores siento mucho tu pérdida hermosa

  24. Stay strong baby, it gets better❤

  25. So sorry Nikkie , I’m so sad for you. All I can say is keep up your energy bc it’s makes all the difference. If you need a break from uploading in any way, I don’t mind and nobody else will. Hope you stay positive bc I see it I’m you.

  26. I love everything you do Nikkie? You are the best and I missed you ! I’m so sorry for your loss , he’s in a better place ! My prayers to you and ur family ?? Be strong , have faith , keep smiling ?

  27. Hi there Nikki! I just wanted to slide here in the comment box to tell you that you are an incredible and strong woman. I bet your brother is smiling down from heaven on you and your family. My condolences to you and your family. I bet he was as brave and strong as you?

  28. So sorry for your loss we all are with u

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