Rainbow Ombre Cut Out Nails!

Rainbow Ombre / Gradient Cut Out Nails! These negative space rainbow ombre triangles are really trendy, chic, and perfect for the summer! This nail polish DIY is really easy to achieve with just a few simple steps. Hope you guys enjoy! 🙂


Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. my nails are too stuby to cap my nails

  2. U are so good u should open a nail salon #1 u will be recognized a lot and #2 U seem really patient and #3 U ARE GREAT AT NAILS

  3. I'm so going with the sprarklely one

  4. This is incredibly gay ❤️

  5. my fave look is the sparkly one!

  6. I like the one without glitter

  7. there is the color red in the rainbow women

  8. hi this is Anna Adith's daughter I love the glittery one

  9. Love your nails!! My favourite was the sparkly nails

  10. You are a great person that is a nail artist and you are the only reason why it was so cute ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  11. Love the creamy application of polish..

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