Rapunzel Inspired Braid – No Extensions!

Where would you wear this braid? Stay tuned for my replication of Rapunzel’s hair from Tangled!!

Products used:

  • Flowers: Dollar tree
  • Costume: Ebay
  • Boby Pins: Mariana
  • Elastics: Sally’s Beaty Supply
  • Clips: Sally’s Beauty Supply


  1. Do you know how long your hair was? Like how many inches? I'm trying to grow my hair out for prom to wear it like this! I do have some layers, do you think they will interfere? I hope you will see this and answer! ? beautiful tutorial!

  2. Thank u kayley my favorite book character is based of of Rapunzel (Cress Darnel) and I'm being her for Halloween and she totally wears this hairstyle except I'm brunette while she is blonde so I'm buying 3 hair extensions have and recommendations?
    -Forever fangirling Cinder

  3. Can you still do this hairstyle if you have long bangs?

  4. you explaining method is very good.

  5. It's very beautiful

  6. sorry but kayley your wrong you should try erasing your video so boring ????????

  7. About to wear this for prom ? (our theme is lanterns like tangled). Also when I go to Disney this summer ??

  8. Lol I remember that video it made this hairstyle easy

  9. I'm obsessed with your channel!! Love love love??you have such a gift!

  10. lol stupid people

  11. Where did you get that dress!!! I'm being rapunzel for halloween and I've looked on every website ever and can't find anything.

  12. Wow…very pretty!!! 😀

  13. You look like Bridget Mendler in this video???

  14. I love Rapunzel! And you too! But I can't really try this hahaha my hair is too short D:

  15. I think that you should have put less flowers at the top. Not trying to be mean

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