Rare Fillet of Beef with Salsa Verde & Truffled New Potatoes | Gordon Ramsay

It’s a special-occasion-dinner in the Ramsay household, and even the kids get involved in helping Gordon to prepare the Rolls Royce of beef cuts: the fillet. The salsa verde adds punch, and the truffle adds indulgence. A truly special dinner.


  1. No need to flex off your rich home

  2. Do u put seasoning in your bloody cereal…? o_O ?

  3. I learn of cooking thanks

  4. His daughter is sitting on the counter. I can imagine his reaction…"DON'T SIT ON THE FUCKING COUNTER YOU DONKEY!! THAT'S GOT YOUR ARSE GERMS AND FART GERMS!! GET OUT!! YOU COULD KILL SOMEONE!!!"

  5. Verde in my language meen "green"

  6. Try not to get hungry challenge

  7. Suck on that burger ? YouTube I cheated the system lmao ?

  8. I bet he seasons his wife before sex.

  9. 1:06 WAAIIT!! He said 8 to 10 minutes BUT he had to bake the potatoes for 35 minutes AND prepare the salsa after he put the beef in… His oven is a time machine

  10. Hi gordon I'm from Korea it look very delicious!

  11. Me: sal-sa-ver-de
    Gordon: sal-severedick

  12. Gordon’s wife: ITS RAW

    Gordon: beautiful

  13. Are u guys fucking dumb it is normal for a family to kiss each other on the lips it was not sexual at all

  14. His kids. R a bit chubby not good

  15. Oh god, you kiss your kids with that mouth ?

  16. "my mum and her husband"

    doesn't that make him your dad? or step dad maybe?

  17. I thick I speak for all Mexicans whatching this when i say: ¡¿ Dónde vergas eso es una salsa verde?!

  18. Gordon Ramseys daughter is hot.
    I'm 16 years old so, no, I'm not a pedophile.

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