REAL DIY NAIL POLISH! | Make High Quality Nail Polish At Home!

Helllooo everyone! In today’s video, Minnie will be showing you how to create real DIY Nail Polish at home! These nail polishes are high quality – just like you buy at the store! This is a highly requested video, as Minnie regularly shows her DIY nail polishes in her nail tutorials here on CutePolish. You guys were wondering how she makes them, so here’s a tutorial for you! If you’re interested in buying the supplies, a quick google search on “DIY Nail Polish Kit” should bring you to a web supplier that ships to you 🙂


  • Empty Nail Polish Bottles
  • Untinted Lacquer Base
  • Colour Tinters: White, Blue, Yellow
  • Holographic Silver Glitter

*Google “DIY Nail Polish Supplies” or “Franken Polish Supplies” to find a store that ships to your country.

*If you live in Australia, you can find the exact supplies Minnie used in this video here:

♡ Other Tools ♡

  • Liquid Latex
  • Makeup Sponge


  1. can we get this material from medical store ??like tinter

  2. if you just buy regular nail polish it would be cheaper

  3. Anyone know where I can buy this stuff at?

  4. Why are their 2 minnies/minis? Who is this then?

  5. yeah…because I happen to have untinted lacquer base and titanium dioxide color and a syringe

  6. THANK YOU! I wanted to MAKE nail polish not recolour it


  8. do you have to use the white stuff??

  9. Just going out and buying nail polish is cheaper than all this but atleast it's not the clear top coat and eyeshadow tutorial.

  10. when you have none of the stuff at home….

  11. H?L???????????????????????????????????????????

  12. guys, if i get 100 or more likes on this comment, then my mom said i could have a dog

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