Real Flowers Inside Acrylic Coffin Nails

Suzie creates a beautiful Acrylic Inlay with Real Dried Flowers Inside Acrylic Coffin Nails.

Products used in this video:


  1. I have watched this one before, but it is so enchanting!

  2. Where did you buy the flowers from?

  3. Wait you live in Canada… And you have your own shop or nail salon if so….. Please tell me u live near the Saskatchewan, Saskatoon area. I've been wanting my nails done by someone that has a lot of experience… Please tell me u do

  4. Love the richness of the design

  5. I got my nails done when I was I D.F. Mexico and Jessica was a huge brand. It seemed like it was what Essie or opi is to us. Seemed super popular.

  6. so… where do I go to get this done??

  7. my eyes are bleeding.. the idea is so nice but god i told u once and i'm gonna tell u again because i see u haven't changed your style .
    u seriously have no idea on how to do acrylic nails. and u are teaching others to do something wrong..
    1. u shoyld file your natural nails in an ovan shape to fit the form.
    2. u should cut the smile line of the form and also the sides to file your nail perfectly.
    those steps are really important to build a perfect nail. if u dont file your natural nails the form is gonna take the "shape" of your nail. it can end up to be crooked and like a claw.
    3. perfect u started from the bottom of the nail and builded your way up to the cutticle. i wouldn't use such small beeds though. u could have done the nail with just 3 beeds. i think the problem is that your beeds dry too fast. is your climate too warm or do u just use too little liquid? maybe the brand that u use isn't good. and btw u shouldnt try and go back at the botom and make the nail longer.. it won't stick very good to the rest of the layers and it;s easier to break were u placed the extra beed.

    u should really go watch some profesional videos from crystal nails, brilbrid, magnetic nails etc brands. those people are pro and they do it properly. it''s ok for u to do your nails as u like, but try to teach people your way bacause it's not the right one.
    with all due respect

  8. I really need you to come do my nails. LOL The places around here are not worth the money

  9. Honestly, if I ever get married I want these nails. I would totally fly out to Suzie a day before my wedding just to get these done they're AMAZING ?

  10. how can i get my nails to grow. HELP

  11. where can i get my nails like that? ??

  12. I love all of your tutorial videos. Your such a great instructor. Thank you for sharing all of your helpful and educational tips.

  13. where did you get the dried flowers used in this video?

  14. So beautiful suzie, i love nails

  15. I don't like acrylic nails but your videos are so fun to watch

  16. I like it without the burgundy for a bride ?

  17. super cool and talented im going to nail school can you teach me do you have nail stuff you can send me!

  18. watching her paint her nails is so satisfying ??

  19. i wish you could do my nails i have been wanting acrylic nails but my mom seaid no because i play sports but she will do gel nails on mine but i bite my nails and dont know how to stop do you have any advice

  20. suzie, will you please make an acrylic care how to for first time acrylic wearers?

  21. Beautiful! ???? and I love how much you enjoy the process ?

  22. Did you file the nail after putting the clear cap on?

  23. that is so cool and i was wondering if you could do my nails

  24. OMG they are so amazingly beautiful I've been collecting all different types of tiny flowers. I'm in love with your idea. I can wait to try it on myself. ???.

  25. This made me so relaxed. You are the Bob Ross of Nails <3

  26. I did not know anything about acrylic nails. Like at all! Until today… ??

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