Hello loves! Today I am doing a more REAL GYM ROUTINE/ FITNESS ROUTINE for you guys! I show you my healthy breakfast idea, and bring you the the gym with you showing you all my workouts I do for my legs and how to grow the butt fast! Hope you enjoy!!


  1. i loveeee the greek yogurt recipe!! soo good with apples

  2. I like your gym video, I made a video for gym motivation

  3. What gym do you go to ??

  4. Best video on YouTube honestly xx

  5. I used to eat peanut butter all by myself everyday lol

  6. you look Sooooooo much like Nina Dobrev

  7. so i get you are really into working out so it's not too hard for you, but i'm really bad at staying motivated. do you have any suggestions on how to stay motivated and continue working out??

  8. I LOOVVVEEE your black leggings, what kind are they and where did you get them!? ❤️❤️?

  9. Good job! I'm def going to try some of this. Can you do an upper body gym routine please ???

  10. The past week I'm been watching some of your YouTube videos your so nice and sweet you're an amazing role mode, and you're super gorgeous and so healthy and fit gurl me jelly?TBH you're spoiled,but you don't act like it do that's good??Have a great day lovely?


  12. Are you from canada?? Its so funny i have the same white bowl, same yogurt and same peanut butter it was funny seeing someone eat the exact same breakfast as you!

  13. I love this type of video!!❤❤❤

  14. I like to listen to dj khaled – do u mind when I'm at the gym

  15. so your workout is basically just leg day …you dont workout your arms/chest or back ??

  16. Where are your leggings from?? LOVE THEM, NEED THEM

  17. ??? pumped up for fitness workout

  18. i can see your fitness progress!!! keep it up and Ily ??

  19. I love you!?? You are such an inspiration!!?

  20. I look up to you! I love all your videos ❤❤❤

  21. 😀 thanks for this tips follow me and spam me at @miimiz013

  22. Thank u for making this video:)

  23. Do one AFTER THE GYM ROUTINES plz❤

  24. Tunnel Vision Kodak Black!!!!!?????

  25. I watch Netflix when I workout…. who else does it?!

  26. how many pounds is the weight for the hydrant ?

  27. last time I worked out was when I came out of my mom

  28. work it girl! loved this video and can't wait for another one 😉 i think this could be my motivation to finally start working out 🙂

  29. Now I want to go to the gym…! ??
    Haha noooo just kidding I'm toooo lazy for that ? But nice vid tho ?

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