REALIST COLLEGE ADVICE | My Top Tips for Slaying College (tough love)


  1. Any specific tip you really needed to hear?? Comment which one below and why!

  2. What college does she go to?

  3. Oh, and as a piece of advice: if you are going to a community college and plan on transferring to a four year college, don't wait until the last minute to meet with your school's transfer advisor. There is so much that goes along with transferring, especially deadlines. And if finances are an issue and you dont really know what you want to do, I would definitely recommend going to a community college.

  4. You have nontraditional students watching too! I'm 31 and getting ready to transfer to a 4 year college. I'll be starting my junior year fall 2018.

  5. Outside YouTube do still feel like working?

  6. Girl you said that … everything you spoke it all ?? .. love watching your channel you so inspiring ??. Exactly what I needed to hear . And you are so right about everything .. that's why you gotta stay humble and keep a positive vibe & true enough it's ok to not be ok because life is not perfect it's only what you make it .. THANK YOU SO MUCH … Much love boo ❤️

  7. I'm a junior in college & I still like to watch these videos lol

  8. I needed this. I was having doubts about college, stressing about classes, thinking about plans after college, etc. It's good to know I'm not the only one going through it!! ?

  9. Loved this video! I'm going into my senior year of hs & I'd love it if you'd do a video about why you picked your school, what other schools you applied to & what things you looked for when deciding on what schools to apply to:)

  10. Can u do a tutorial on this hairstyle please 🙂

  11. You hit everything on the nail.

  12. How did you do the top knot in the video!!?? Tutorial PLZ!

  13. How much is your college tuition? Do you constantly receive grants? Did you have a scholarship to college?

  14. Could you do a tutuorial on this bun? I really love the way it looks.

  15. So genuine and truthful, needed this!

  16. fanks for the tips I'm in high school btw???

  17. Can you please please please do a video on your twist outs! I forgot which video it was but it was recent and your twist out was A1 !!!

  18. You literally said everything I learned my first year of college lol . All of theses tip are literally on point

  19. This was by far the most honest best advice. It came right in the nick of time. ! Thank you ! ????

  20. Girl thank you for this going to college next Tuesday at 16 ?

  21. Good advice girl! I graduate from college in December and I can't wait

  22. I'm literally moving back to school tomorrow so this is perfect timing ??

  23. Can you give a tutorial on this look? ???

  24. I leave for my freshman year of college Friday….. I'm so nervous ? ????

  25. Hey Kaice! I'm a new subbie ☺️ I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE your contents on your channel. You are so genuine, bubbly, and so breathtaking. Thank you for taking the time to share your tips & knowledge with us (esp. about natural hair care). ??

  26. Loving your hair ? great tips ??

  27. I leave for my freshman year of college tomorrow! I'm so nervous ?

  28. That top knot though. I'm loving it.? Ur advice was great as well.

  29. These are so practical, every other video is like STAY POSITIVE AND HAVE FUN! But it's not that easy

  30. Thanks so much Kaice for this video , I'm going to college at 15??. Wish my luck start in a week.

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