Red Mullet with Sweet Chilli Sauce – Gordon Ramsay


  1. Raw garlic and chilli have overpowering tastes and I feel it would mask the wonderful natural flavour of the fresh fish itself.

  2. That music playing has a Spyro The Dragon feel to it

  3. Пиздато! А когда есть продукты охуенные, вдвойне пиздато!

  4. That nigga better put on some gloves

  5. this guys got two skills I give him that

  6. He needs to explain to his North American viewers that Red Mullet is a FAR distant relative to the brown mullet found in the Gulf Coast, which is basically a downmarket catfish of the sea. Brown mullet is kinda' nasty.

  7. Peanuts and chili together always works great

  8. when he sez peanuts it sounds like he sed penis

  9. i guess he mustve forgotten to block a few of these

  10. motherf–, all those videos… blocked…

  11. I think Gordon Ramsay has an olive oil addiction

  12. Penis with chilli flakes. yum.

  13. Lmao retards in comment section below, are bonus material ??… Btw great job Ramsay like always…

  14. "Dip it in– shake up yur penis and then in.. make sure yu push it down." All those wonderful penis and chilli.

  15. gona start cooking on my study break

  16. The Best chef in The World

  17. "When you start combining- PENIS. "

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