Reduce Post-Acne Hyperpigmentation EASILY

These are things that I’ve been doing to improve my skin tone 🙂

25 thoughts on “Reduce Post-Acne Hyperpigmentation EASILY

  1. Really fucking simple! If you don't like her,like her editing, or anything to do with her channel,simply unsubscribe , stop watching her videos, and therefore you won't need to comment!!! Period!! Bye haters!! Get off the channel!! Loser's aren't welcomed!! I never did understand why ppl take there time to comment on something or someone they don't like ,just leave and it's that simple 😂😂😂💪👌👏👏👏👏👏

  2. Amazing video! Obviously you are gorgeous, which is one plain reason why there is so much criticizing. Sigh! It never stops.

  3. wow! your editing is seriously goals😍 don't listen to the haters! i loved the editing😍 and also thank your for sharing your tips i will definitly try them out🤗

  4. omg your videos r soooo great I feel like I'm watching some commercials done by professional <3 <3 … and ur skin is MUCH better now I really need 2 try ur ideas to help mine

  5. Half of these are very generic remedies that are all over the internet that anyone can search, but what exactly have you done to clear your hyperpigmentation/scars? it's so shocking to me to see how you cleared your skin from acne and the red marks in a pretty short amount of time I've been dealing with post acne marks for over a year and they just wont go away :/

  6. Love how much effort you clearly put into your videos to show your commitment. Maybe its not very applicable to everything though

  7. Please Rachel rotated the second series filmed as makeup. How do you do the Special Effects. Eg: the oil in the water, Aleh last time the snake so. Only those separate video about the making of makeup and special effects. THANKS

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