Relaxed, but Glamorous Half Up Hair – My Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Products I used:

  • Hot Tools 1″ Titanium Iron (This one is Anna’s and she’s doing her hair so I wanted to use her items)
  • Conair Velcro Rollers
  • BigSexyHair Backcomb In a Bottle

What I’m wearing:

  • Shirt: Forever 21
  • Nails: Butter London Wallis
  • Anna’s Shirt: Forever 21


  1. wow all three of them are so beautiful!


  3. Very cute! Will try to replicate this for my wedding.

  4. She's so cute when she squinches her nose up I'm all just like awwww!!!!

  5. I looove the color of her hair! I wish she can show us how she did it

  6. Where did you get the rollers and the comb?

  7. Both of you are sooo cute <3

  8. how old is anna? she looks more like you than your other sister!

  9. me encanto !!!!!!!! obvio que me lo hago saludosssa ti y a tu hermana!!!

  10. your sister is so cute lol like adorable

  11. I love the makeup look your sister is wearing! Could you do a tutorial on it please?? 🙂

  12. would you please do prom looks for hard to curl/ straight hair? i have no clue how i want to do it! love this look. keep up the lovely tutorials (:

  13. That looks so easy! I will definitely try it on my hair!
    I wonder if you do tutorials for shorter hair…like maybe just above the shoulders…or touching the shoulders, because I do like your work and would love it if you could help us poor souls who don't have your length 🙂

  14. Omg I love u and your sis, u are both really pretty also I would love 2 have u as a sis so u could do my hair everyday!!!!!

  15. Are you guys twins? You look so alike 🙂 I'm so gonna try this out 🙂

  16. Your sister is so cute! You two look so alike!

  17. Could you do Bella's hairstyles in Breaking Dawn Part II? (:

  18. will you do my hair for prom? lol (:

  19. _if only you had a video of your wedding…

  20. OMG at first I thought it was you with blond hair O____O you both are so pretty

  21. I love your hair in this video! It is so pretty! Your sister's is too:)

  22. So cute. I would do a smaller bump on myself because thats just my personality, but its really cute

  23. You sister is talking the whole time whahahhaha

  24. Im honestly being serious I live in england and on the 8th december I have a ball I would give anything for you to come and do my hair and makeup 🙂

  25. I would give everything for a sister like you girls, ;(

  26. emmm kiely! you pay attention to your sister 🙂

  27. you both are very pretty! Wow 🙂

  28. my sister thought it was you with blond hair! jaja anna is too pretty:)

  29. DAMN i thought that was you!!

  30. You and your sister are very beautiful. 🙂

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