Removing Stiletto Nails – Kupa ManiPro Passport E-File Review

Suzie removes a set of gorgeous stiletto nails, and uses the Kupa ManiPro Passport Portable E-file. This video teaches E-file technique, and reviews the Kupa ManiPro Passport E-File.

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  1. the kp 55 handpiece is a terrible one torque really suck on it. please get the urawa up200 handpiece and use it with the mani pro passport control box and you will have the most powerful portable drill. the new luraco 30k pro also a good one

  2. the dril sound horriblleeee… like going to the dentist… uggggg .. omg nooooo hahah

  3. I love it when she throws the trash over her shoulder

  4. That's so quiet! When I go get a manicure the place sounds like a dentist's office!!

  5. I absolutely love what is on your other hand! Any way you could do a tutorial on those?

  6. Hola Suzie, which Drill Bit would you suggest I use to remove Dipping Powder Nails? Medium or Coarse? Gracias!

  7. nice calm woman doing nail tutorial and everything looks really neat.

    drops everything she doesn't need on the floor

  8. Can anyone order one of these or do you have to be a nail tech ? I'd like to buy one for personal use, I just do my own nails in acrylics and I just file them with a hand file it takes forever and a day, but I've been doing my own for years and I'd love to get one of these !

  9. Hi Susie can you please start doing giveaways

  10. Is anyone still thinking what a shame it was to take off those beautiful greatnesses

  11. I love how she just threw the wrappers and box on the ground ?

  12. One does not just simply get three of one thing

  13. Any recommendation for an e-file for personal home use that's not as expensive as this one?

  14. I could never wear stiletto nails I'd try to bite them or rip them off

  15. I love how she just throws the trash behind her not caring

  16. Love when she throws everything. lol

  17. Kupa in swahili means give…. in past tense???

  18. I wanted to be a nail technician but now I'm not so sure after this video lol. The sound of the drill hitting the nail is really cringe for me

  19. Hi…Have you heard of magic bits from Victoria Belova?She uses the bits to do the Russian mani and the work is so clean.I also saw it being used for pedi and callus removal… I'm looking to buy a pro e-file which i can use for mani and pedi.PLS can you suggest what i can get.Would the bits i mentioned fit on any drill.Sorry for all the questions.

  20. I love this channel but it bothers me so much when Suzie just throws things on the floor. Just put a garbage can next to your station

  21. Just wondering if you ever have problems with your drill bit spinning so quickly that the acrylic starts to melt from the friction and get goopy? How do you avoid this?

  22. Who else thought it looked like a flask??

  23. The sound of the drill is exactly the same as when my dentist was drilling my teeth..omg i can feel it?

  24. Omg usually noises and things dont bother me but i am literally cringing from the noise of the drill aaagh

  25. We find removing with a carbide bit will go smoother than ceramic, this could be the reason for the slow down. The machine itself is powerful enough with torque and RPM to keep up with full removal of acrylic nails.

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