Hello cutepolishers! Today I have a quick little video for you guys on what I do to repair a nail when I rip it. I’ve been getting a lot of questions on this recently, so I thought I’d share this little trick I have with you. I hope it helps you save some future nails! 🙂

Sandi Crystal Ball


  1. Who else watches these with short nails they can never paint… Just Me? Ok…

  2. I just ripped my broken nail ? ?

  3. I broke my thumb nail after hitting it on a drawer

  4. Is the glue Water proof?

  5. I just spit on my nails and blow on them…

  6. I don't have any of the things… and my nail is ripped… AND I go to school

  7. How come some people do this but also put on a tea bag? is it really needed?

  8. Oh god thank you I finally let my nail grow and one got ripped so usually I cut all of them this time I decided to see if there is a way omg thanks so much it actually worked! Subscribed!❤️❤️?

  9. The same thing happened to my nail ? it's so sad cause my nails are pretty long

  10. i dont know but it's not good idea its not good a solutions so thats why i love short and square shapes nails

  11. I don't have nail glue so I put a bandage on XD

  12. I have short nails and there is one nail that is shorter than the others, I really don't want to cut all of them of, because it didn't break…..what should I do??:(

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