Retro Print Nails + Salon Perfect Peaches & Creme’s Swatches!

Retro Print Nails! Easy DIY Nail Art! Fun Beginner Nails! Thank you to Salon Perfect for sponsoring this video! Please SHARE if you enjoyed this video! XOXO

Products Used:

  • Twinkled T – Dotting Tools: Here
  • Twinkled T – Nail Art Brush Set: Here
  • Salon Perfect – Eat Your Heart Out: Here
  • Salon Perfect – She’s a Peach: Here
  • Salon Perfect – Practice What You Peach: Here
  • Salon Perfect – Pillow Talk: Here
  • Salon Perfect – Double Dip: Here
  • Salon Perfect – Under the Tuscan Sun: Here
  • Salon Perfect – Strawberry Spritzer: Here
  • Salon Perfect – Sweet Peach Sangria: Here


  1. Hi Hannah, loved this design, love the way you keep your videos short and sweet which makes us see all your videos one after another. This design looks complicated but you made it look so easy. Also loved the swatches out of this collection I loved the best was Eat your heart out, double dip and she's a peach.

  2. What a pretty design! ?

  3. practice what you leach is my fave it sweet peach sangria is cute too i

  4. Well these are just PEACHY Colours! (See what I did there?” ???? I love “eat your heart out, she’s a peach and strawberry spritzer” the most! Awesome tutorial and just watching you apply polish is so SATISFYING!!! ???

  5. I love how yours is always straight to the point. Others talk too much or too fast and go on too long before they even get started.

  6. Hermoso los colores pero ese pincel es horrendo, es demasiado largo y fino. Debería ser plano ancho y corto que lastima

  7. I like your design,Pretty colors.

  8. Such a beautiful nail art Hannah…!!! I love them??
    In the swatches I love the DOUBLE DIP and SWEET PEACH SANGRIA the most…!!! ??Lol Hannah…. ???????

  9. I liked them all. It's a very flattering color range for all skin tones. I'm always amazed by your free hand designs. Once again I thought it was decals! ?

  10. ? ? ? ❤ ? ?
    My Favorites are: Double Dip, Under The Tuscan Sun, Sweet Peach Sangria & Strawberry Spritzer

  11. Love this video video!! Your Soo good and doing nails❤️?


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