Reusable Metal Nail Forms

Looking for an alternative to using Paper Nail Forms? Suzie demonstrates an Acrylic application using a Metal Nail Form.

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  1. Hey Aunt Suzie! Will the metal form work ok with gel too? Is there a risk of a reaction?

  2. +nail career education can u us this reusable form with gel too?

  3. I was going to buy them this morning but, not sure on it. After, watching this great video I just want one eBay and order them. I'll watch ur video a few more times before they come!! Thank you for what you are doing, too.

  4. Suzie never has sponsors. I think she deserves them!

  5. @NailCareerEducation How do I keep my brushes from hardening? I don't have cases for mine. They're just a dollar set with critical pushers at the ends. I wipe them off and let them dry but I come back to them being hard.

  6. Will this form work on short bitten nails?

  7. I want a video of camera man doing your nails !!

  8. I like these because they reduce the amount of waste.

  9. My mom used to have plastic ones when I was little!

  10. These seem great! Personally, though, I think I'd prefer to stick with paper forms. Mainly because sometimes the edges don't line up with a nail and you have to trim into the form and reshape where it sits under the nail tip. Like you say, every nail is different, and I like the versatility of paper.

  11. Do you have any new kits available or coming out soon? 🙁

  12. Can you do a video on how you clean (sanitize, disinfect )your nail implements

  13. Oh my, how I hated those metal forms! I got a set in my kit from school 14 years ago, and I could never get them to work right, and then they would peel once put in Quats. Haven’t touched them since… Koodos to anyone who actually uses these all the time! I’ll stick to my paper forms. ❤️

  14. Can you try using that with gel??

  15. Metal forms? God I hate those, they just don't work for me.

  16. That sparkle is quite pretty, and I don't like pink. But that's really a nice color.

  17. I've been using the paper and I find the acrylic always gets under my nail. If I use these will that stop? Guess I have weird nails. Lol

  18. A video id like to see is the camera man does nails

  19. I like how these reduce waste but I was cringing all the time while you were adjusting it haha

  20. Well those are brilliant. I only had 10 paper forms left and I was doing a full set on my niece and I had to fill mine as well as redo one full nail. Trying to reuse a few forms, to save some for myself, was awful. I can see these being a huge help. And a excellent failsafe.

  21. ??? I LIVE for the reveal shots! So beautiful!!

  22. Back in 1997 lol I was in nail school…this is what I was taught with. Old school ?

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