Reverse Stamping Hack Mermaid Nail Art Tutorial

A nail hack that will have you stamping… backwards!? The reverse stamping nail art technique is a really fun way to use your nail stamps and nail stamping plates in a unique way! You can use lots of nail polish colors on your nail art design stamps this way which is really fun and easy to do! Miri and I will be showing you how to create a mermaid tail inspired design using this trick! Enjoy!!


  • MoYou-London Nail Art Image Stamping Plate Sailor Collection 05

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. How long do you allow them to dry and will Seche Vite work as the topcoat?

  2. ????????????????✌✌✌???????

  3. All I want to know is if you can do reverse stamping on a glass stamper? No one seems to have done this anywhere I look and I am nervous about attempting this with the glass stamper I ordered.

  4. Does CutePolish have a website that we can get the stamps and or brushes and nail polishes??

  5. Could you also (if you only have 1 stamper ??) put clear polish down on plastic wrap and stamp it there like 10 times and colour them on that before putting on nail ? ?

  6. Can u do like quote sorta nails like u would write love on one of them and laugh on another one

  7. Do you use nail polish remover to take it off?

  8. I would love if anyone subscribed and I would subscribe back xxx

  9. am I the only one who would think it would look 100000 x better matte?

  10. who does it actually looks like your hand but its others hands?!?!

  11. I have that same one the glittery nail polish

  12. I have ALWAYS LOVED mermaid things! Anyone who does mermaid things then I watch the video or try it out at home! Absolutely ❤️ these nails!

  13. this is so pretty!!?♡♡ awesome tutorial!!

  14. If you don't have enough stampers a tip is to put clear polish on plastic (a plastic folder, for example) stamp the design onto that (once the clear polish is dry) then fill in the colors, let dry and remove from the plastic. I do this with stickers too, when I want to fill in colors and you can freehand paint as well (easier than doing it on your nails).

  15. OMG it looks like Rainbow Fish… that book we all read as little kids on school library day. You guys know the one right? I'm not crazy??

  16. what if i dont have any nail stamping stuff?

  17. does this remind anyone else of that kids' book The Rainbow Fish???

  18. from where can I buy nail art stamping kit

  19. Sandi plzz plzzz do a Korean boy band VIXX nail art I've been requesting it for a very long time plzzzz plzz

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