Review: Rimmel Stay Blushed Liquid blushes


  1. hi. what is the face brush you used in this video? thank you

  2. really pretty especially pop of pink

  3. You should do this video for fall

  4. Why do they have 5 in the US and only 2 in the UK? I thought rimmel was a UK brand?

  5. I can't find these anywhere where I live. I've checked ulta, target, cvs…

  6. Thank You SO Much Kayley for Your Excellent Review on these Blushes. I hadn't even heard of these yet. Looks like it's time for me to head to the Drugstore and SHOP!!!!!! Huge Hugs Hon:)

  7. I loved the review! i just bought elf hd blush (not crazy about it) its too drastic… will try this rimmel! thanks!!

  8. These have been out for longer than this video has been out and the description says it wasn't out yet

  9. Such a great and thorough, well-thought-out review! Will definitely be trying these! 😀

  10. Please, what lipstick you have on your lips??!!!!!! I have been looking for one just like that, I love that color, and I can't find one, it looks like peachy, with a hint of pink, but at the same time is sheer, is perfect to go to work!!

  11. really pretty. tfs xoxo from Munich

  12. Love your makeup in this video :)))

  13. Is it a mobile YouTube error or waa there 2 intros?

  14. Now I have to buy all of these lol

  15. Will you please do a tutorial on how you did you hair in this video! I absolutely love it!

  16. Your hair. Omg. I need to know how you did that. It's so so pretty.

  17. This is unfair, they're like $6 in Canada! D:

  18. can you do a hair tutorial for this or a style with a french fishtail in general? i like fishtails but have never really been able to get a french one down bc for some reason they loosen up a ton while i am doing the top and then the whole thing just looks a hot mess… so yeah tips for that would be appreciated 🙂

  19. Kayley or anyone who has used this – do you know if it's water resistant/proof? =)

  20. Hi Kayley i need your HELP how can i contact you please ?? it's just a question about my hair 

  21. I really like your make up here, can you do a tutorial on it? 

  22. Kayley, I love your make-up in this video!  Do you already have tutorial on this look? 

  23. sold. Im gonna get these haha 

  24. Love this!! Do you have a recommendation as a favorite one??

  25. i absolutly adored your makeup in this video!

  26. I am so excited about this! I found a Sonia Kashuk liquid blush last year and I fell in LOVE. But, it was on clearance at Target because it was discontinued. I'm nearly out but I had no idea what to get instead. Thanks for the review!

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