2. Can we take a moment to appreciate that highlighter ! 😍

  3. U jus DID THAT 🙌👌❤💋

  4. Girl u look so good. You should really use the same foundation color she used on you more often. You look so good.

  5. Girl u look so good. You should really use the same foundation color she used on you more often. You look so good.

  6. girlfriend im feeling that your contour looks a little muddy on camera? I'm only at 13mins but looks kinda weird from here, hopefully it looked right in person?

  7. You guys both have like similar tattoos wowwww

  8. She has obviously not seen how Nikkie does her makeup 😂

  9. If she's taller than you than I'm shook!!!!!

  10. I love love love her foundation!!!

  11. Wow, thats some hydrated lookin skin huntyyyy

  12. Can i just say, I LOVE your natural lips. If you like, did ur foundation and only put gloss on your lips with some light eye shadow, that would look SO GOOD! It would actually be a natural look for you xx

  13. Do you have black eyes hun??? Whos been beating your face????? Or do you not sleep much????

  14. This is PURE makeup porn. Love it!!!!

  15. @9:40 Nikkie : "where's my man" lmaooooooooooooo

  16. YOUR BROWS LOOK SO GOOOOOOOOD and that highlight tho ✨

  17. Not to throw shade or my glo mama but I love how she said "celebrity's or IMPORTANT PEOPLE"…

  18. omg that make up is incredible!1,000,000,000,000/10

  19. it's so weird to see nikkie in a makeup style other than her own. it's a refreshing change and i like it.

  20. Nikkie, you look stunningggg

  21. She looks perfect. I have never seen something so perfection

  22. Hey did I miss the announcement of the winners of your new highlighters? I don't have IG and I can't find it on any video…

  23. OMG she is an amazing makeup artist I can't wait to purchase this entire new collection that highlighter is so glowy and beautiful! I meeean talk about shine bright like a daimond💯 you definitely are right now Nikkie!💎💎💎💎🙌

  24. Dont really like putting highlight on the temples or taking the highlight that close to the side of the face because it really widens my round face. Looks nice but yeah

  25. Omg i live for tat makeup 😍😍😍

  26. She did AMAZING! 😍
    Niki, can you try farsali products? I'm so curious to see your opinion on them.

  27. I like these brows better that her usual.

  28. That's highlight was life

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