Ripped Obliques: 10 Minute Lower Abs & Love Handle Workout! (Tighten Waist)

You’ll be doing 4 different workouts all targeting the lower abdominal region, obliques and core.To be completely honest, after you complete this workout your entire midsection is going to be on fire. 🙂 You’ll be given the amount of sets and time assigned for each. So make sure to get your stopwatch or open up the one on your smartphone.

Give a try!


  1. hi plz do make videos on how to reduce hips fat plz

  2. How long do you gotta do this to see results?

  3. Will this workout make your butt disappear??? Please respond

  4. Please upload a video for beauty bones.

  5. This does not include cardio correct?

  6. I do need help on what type for diet should I go on

  7. Omg perfect timing I just ate a whole tub of ice cream to myself (1150 calories) ?

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