1. SO happy to finally bring back my celebrity beauty hacks SERIES! Leave a comment with who you want next and don't forget to check out my playlist to see if I already did the celebrity you all want 😉

  2. It’s not my birthday but give me a like anyway

  3. Can you do nina debrov beauty hacks?

  4. I like Betty cause she is so natural and strong…..Also she was the only one who don't take drugs

  5. Betty is my favorite because….I am Betty

  6. Can you do Pretty Little Liars Beauty Hacks?

  7. You are actually the hack QUEEN

  8. Your lashes are so gorgeous in this video, what did you do?

  9. Gossip Girl hacks would be ICONIC

  10. Please I want a video like that about Lea Michele…. Pleaseee?

  11. I love it too and I love Archie

  12. And plz do demi lovato hacks

  13. I'm just so glad tat u brought back the celebrity beauty hacks I just love watching them❤❤❤

  14. I hate Riverdale but I love the hacks

  15. Do you listen to Paramore? I'd like to see some Haley Williams beauty hacks.

  16. Great video,but at 5:56 why did you tap off your brush if you we're using CREAM contour?

  17. I'm obsessed with Riverdale!!!!!!!!!! Juggy is my favorite!!!!!!?????

  18. Where did you get your light pink Ralph Lauren jacket from? It’s super cute!!

  19. I don't really ship anyone on the show, but my favourite characters are Cheryl and Archie

  20. Please do Emma Watson beauty hacks ❤


  22. I'd like to see Rihanna beauty hacks

  23. How do you know their hacks ?

  24. Demi lovato or zara larsson would be nice??

  25. I love riverdale cheryl is my favorite she is just fabulous

  26. barchie is goals and cheryl blossom is my fav

  27. Have you ever tried anastasia dipbrow pomade? If not, can you make a video on it? Btw I LOVE RIVERDALE!<3

  28. I really love your vids and btw i didnt really like your face with red lipstick its better with kind of natural or light color and yes i would love you to make a video about Ariana Grande?plz

  29. I loved this video!! Can you do a Lily Collins video please?

  30. Pretty little liars Beauty hacks next!!!

  31. Emma watson or millie bobby brown pleaseee???

  32. My favoritt caracter from riverdale is jughead because he is weird and so am I <3

  33. Jugheadddd ❤️❤️❤️

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