Rock a Cute Boho Braid in less than 5 Minutes!

The picture in the thumbnail/inspiration for this tutorial is from:
0:38 to skip the intro

Products I used:

Thanks for watching! 🙂

48 thoughts on “Rock a Cute Boho Braid in less than 5 Minutes!

  1. I tried this but I did it opposite. I grabbed hair from the bottom only. No wonder I got confused. It looks really funny. Haha I will have to keep trying.

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  3. so many ppl fighting over what kinda braid it is and knowing /not knowing makes one a bitch…sorry…anybody repulsive is a bitch !!! 🙂 🙂 :)…you tube is entertaining…

  4. I i am Italian and i see your page just today! You're amazing and very very talented!!! Kisses from Italy <3 <3 <3

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  7. Well since it's not a waterfall braid that kinda makes you the bitch because you're kinda implying that since she got it wrong it makes her an immediate bitch so that makes you a bitch. Bitch.

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