Rock Chick Inspired Makeup Tutorial


  • BH Cosmetics Eye and Lip Primer – AVAILABLE HERE: Click
  • BH Cosmetics 120 Color Palette #3 – AVAILABLE HERE: Click
  • Makeup Studio Two Way Gel – AVAILABLE HERE: Click
  • M.A.C Reflects Glitter ‘Pearl’
  • Nail Glitters – Found at the market of The Hague
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Pencil ‘Zero’
  • Makeup Studio Maximum Volume Mascara
  • L’oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara


  • M.A.C Lip Erase ‘Pale’
  • M.A.C Slimshine Lipstick ‘Bare’


  • Chanel Earings – Found at the market of The Hague
  • Chanel Ring – Found at the market of The Hague
  • Black Oval Ring – From a dutch drugstore called ‘Etos’


  • Eyeko ‘Military Polish’ – AVAILABLE HERE: Click
  • China Glaze ‘White Cap’ on tips of the nail – AVAILABLE HERE: Click
  • Nail Glitter in between these two colours – Found at the market of The Hague



  1. Watching this now is crazy because she kind of predicted the glossy lids trend and she also did a bleached brows video and im like ??? Nikkie ??? Tell me my future ???

  2. you look like a complete different person

  3. You should do a make up video for drag into a man. Using makeup to look like a man

  4. Wow your accent is so different! That's so crazy!

  5. Loveeeeeee this!!!!! I wanna see a tut on this hair!!! In 2016!!! Lol

  6. Oh my gosh. Your accent! It's amazing how much it has faded over the years. But I love it.

  7. Just started browsing through your old videos and I still remember the first time I saw this can't believe it's been 5 years and how far you've come love you Nikkie and keep on inspiring all of us ?

  8. Nikki I can't stop looking at your eyebrows! So amazing❤️

  9. Can you please do a look for graduation or so? Something bold, something awesome. Red lips, or awesome smokey eyes. It would also be awesome if it by chance fits a dark blue dress 😉

  10. Nikkie I love you <3 you are the funniest makeup guru ever 🙂
    also your hair is as high as giraffe pussy and I dig that xD

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  12. wearing this to nocturnal wonderland!

  13. Someone should make a poor girl's version of this. Lol.

  14. just don't get the glitter in the eye then nothing will happen

  15. it's just because they have the same colour hair i think

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  17. Basically is the bottom outer corner of your eye I think 🙂

  18. looks good with just the silver glitter. i like that. maybe i'll just put that on the bottom as well.

  19. Go up to your lower lashline, and pull it down. The area of skin that is a little wet and is in between your actual eye and your lashline is your waterline. =)

  20. sure, I don't know wtf the 'water line' is tho. what is that? thanks!!!

  21. Blend it out, basically. Make it smokey.

  22. Ha yes. I came back to this video after 3 months and I've got top comment xD

  23. You look Amazballs, your hair, makeup and even your brows look so good!

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