1. I have only one Bottle of nail polish of every color.??

  2. Sooooooooo neat and so many polishes

  3. I was very much amazed to see your nail polish collection ?????

  4. JUST ONE WORD………….WOWWWW!!!!!

  5. I love your nailpolish room!! Is that also where you paint your nails?

  6. Biggest nail polish collection ever

  7. you are so persistent in collecting and I like that

  8. +cutepolish Wow! Such an amazing unique room! I love how you oraganize your Nail Polish in each different sections of each different colors! So pretty!

  9. where did you get the cabinet that holds your oranges and yellow colors I love it!

  10. Oh My God I'm in love with your room ??

  11. No offence or anything but why does she have a room for nail polish?

  12. dont ur nailpolishes dry out??

  13. This room is so white and clean. It makes my happy lol.

  14. u have a bigger one collection of nais paint Oooooh its amazing????

  15. your so lucky to have such talent and nail polishes and nails made you a star in nail art

  16. Everything is so white what if you spill polish everywhere O_o

  17. @cutepolish where do you purchase the small containers in the bottom drawers?

  18. Oh. My. God. This is just a beautiful wonderland of nail art perfection! This is my dream room. I love love love it!

  19. save the children or nail polish
    raises eyebrow

  20. How do you reach the polishes on the top?

  21. I thought I had a lot of polish

  22. wow love you cutepolish. i want to the same

  23. i only have like 5 nail polish bottles

  24. but nail polish is nt our life

  25. may be i´m close… i have 80nail polishes!! did you use some machine to dry your nails?

  26. cool but does your room smell like nail polish? ???????

  27. room is so clean, organized, and white which is exactly how i like it!!

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