Rose Gold Eyes & Deep Red Lips | Holiday Makeup Tutorial


  1. stunning!!! however you sound very unsecured with your voice , you really need to work on that because your tutorials are great except for that

  2. I love how you use a mixture of drugstore & brand makeup!

  3. Hello from Singapore! You're gorgeous!

  4. Where are your colored contacts from? They look so natural on you! At least I think those are contacts..

  5. I love it! What brush did you use for your face?

  6. Where did you get your background from? I been trying to find one but dont know where to find a pretty one instead of the regualr black or white ones

  7. Your so pretty ? && yesss VLOG that would be so fun ❤️ any videos you make I will watch LOL

  8. Love this!!! where are your contacts from?

  9. I love it
    you look phenomenal hun ♡♡♡

  10. Beautiful look, i also did a similar look

  11. This is gorgeous!!!! You look amazing. I think I'm gonna have to recreate this look ? Hope everything is ok with youuu, feel better

  12. You are so gorgeous girl i just love how you do your makeup! I deff need to start using the tape method for my eyeshadow i love how crisp your eyeshadows looked 🙂

  13. YES!  please vlog! can't wait to see your adventure! NYC is so pretty at this time of the year

  14. What song is this you used?! Btw beautiful as always:)

  15. I get so excited when you post. ♡

  16. Beautiful! Always love your videos and looks ☺️?❤️️

  17. pretty!!! I love how u do ur eye liner. can u please do a tutorial on that!!♡♡♡

  18. Great video, can't wait to try this look! Happy Sunday xoxoxox ?

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