Rose Quartz Acrylic and Gel Nails

Suzie uses acrylic to build the 1st dimension, and then Gel Polish with an interesting technique that creates the second dimension in this Rose Quartz Stone inspired design.

Products used in this video:

Suzie is wearing on her opposite hand:

  • Perfect Match Metallux Mesmerize Color Shift Effect by LECHAT


  1. So pretty and inventive. Now do citrine!

  2. I.feel like you are a little bit late this was new like 6 m ago

  3. Obsessed. So beautiful. Ugh i want these nails so bad. You are so talented. Bless your hands.

  4. I love your work, it’s amazing!?

  5. Stunning Suzie, they look wonderful, you really are one very talented young lady and ever love and best wishes from across the pond – especially at this very special time of the year. Love Xv

  6. Those nails are stunning! I have never seen anything like this before on a nail. You are a genius Suzie. 🙂

  7. Please try and review Canni gel from Ali Express

  8. A-MAZING as usual. Love them!!!

  9. Nail Career Education you should do Easter nails

  10. Suzie, is there a way you could do this with a mix of polish, and acrylic?!

  11. I LOVE this design! I've loved rose quartz since I was a child. I have many pieces and I find the color variations in it fascinating. I'll have to recreate this design in gel polish and see how it comes out. I'll even tweet a photo to you of the design done on the first acrylic nail I've sculpted in 35 years. I have to say, acrylic is a LOT easier to work with now than it was then. It seems to stay malleable longer and is softer and MUCH easier to file. I'm very proud of the nail I was able to sculpt after all this time, and I only had the courage because of YOU!

  12. Those look amazing! Can this be done with just nail polish?

  13. Beautiful! Those glasses are fab!

  14. Gorgeous love how you built up the layers ,just like the stone has

  15. Whoever is picking the music for these videos, has good taste. Well done! ???

  16. Soooo beautiful ?? my favorite stone is the Rose quartz, it's so pretty and calming. Would love these nails!

  17. Im not a personal fan of pink but I think this would look so good with black
    Make a black onyx gem with twinges of blue or dark brown and white/silver agh gorgeous

  18. You come up with some of the coolest nails and designs

  19. Omg they're so gorgeous. Can you do this on my nails please? Lol??

  20. A Suzie video and a Snickers bar. The perfect mid-day work break.

  21. Suzie’s outdone herself yet again! Gorgeous nails!

  22. I’m a little freaked out because I just bought the Rose Quartz lotion from Bath & Body works lol. SO PRETTY!!

  23. The queen ?? if only your were near of me.

  24. This has to be one of my favourite designs of yours! LOVE IT!

  25. Podia ter legenda em português

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