Roses – Calligraphy Pen and Ink Nail Art

Suzie creates a delicate Nail Art Design great for Weddings and Proms in this How To video.

    • 0:22 Suzie has already applied Base Polish and let dry
    • 0:56 Mix White Airbrush Ink with a drop of Green.
    • 1:49 Add Purple Ink to White to make Pale Pink and mix.
    • 2:59 Use Calligraphy Pen to create Rosebud Petals
    • 3:56 Use Green Ink to make Stems
    • 4:38 Clean Tip of Calligraphy Pen
    • 4:55 Use White Ink to make Highlights
    • 6:04 Apply Northern Lights Top Coat to Ring Finger
    • 6:28 Clear Top Coat the rest of the fingers
    • 7:05 Finished Nail Art Design reveal Photo’s