Roses – Calligraphy Pen and Ink Nail Art

Suzie creates a delicate Nail Art Design great for Weddings and Proms in this How To video.

    • 0:22 Suzie has already applied Base Polish and let dry
    • 0:56 Mix White Airbrush Ink with a drop of Green.
    • 1:49 Add Purple Ink to White to make Pale Pink and mix.
    • 2:59 Use Calligraphy Pen to create Rosebud Petals
    • 3:56 Use Green Ink to make Stems
    • 4:38 Clean Tip of Calligraphy Pen
    • 4:55 Use White Ink to make Highlights
    • 6:04 Apply Northern Lights Top Coat to Ring Finger
    • 6:28 Clear Top Coat the rest of the fingers
    • 7:05 Finished Nail Art Design reveal Photo’s


  1. I love the little glasses you are using to mix your colors. They look smaller than a shot glass, are they? Where can I find some? Thanks SO much for all your videos, and all you do. You are truly an inspiration.. (yes, still binge watching) ???

  2. It's so good it looks stamped. I can barely paint my nails one color.

  3. Could you use nail polish instead of ink?

  4. i have no control with the northern lights top coat. totally addicted to it. I would of put it on all of them.?

  5. i have no control with the northern lights top coat. totally addicted to it. I would of put it on all of them.?

  6. I absolutely love your hair in this video. Bangs are very becoming for you and the straighter wave is a a cute look. hehe. Besides your awesome nails.

  7. Hi Suzie, I was wondering if this calligraphy pen is the same as that nail art pen that came with about five or six different nibs of varying widths with it in a kit? I remember seeing you doing a tutorial on using that pen a while back. That pen, and this one look quite similar, hence the question.

  8. where may i get this calligraphy pen and ink?

  9. yeah I think they're beautiful they're great even though they look like strawberries I still think they're gorgeous

  10. Polish color is Sally Hansen sweet talker. 🙂

  11. Have you ever thought of having a hand model?

  12. Could you show how to do nail foil on regular polish and shellac please thanks

  13. Suzie! What nude polish did you use in the beginning? I've been looking for one like that for ages.

  14. I would LOVE to see a fall one like this with leaves. Your work is amazing 🙂

  15. So I might go get my nails done and I'm gonna get an acrylic design instead of just French tips. How do I tell them that I have a design? Because the places I usually go to just say to pick out a color

  16. hi, i`m from argentina, and you are amazing, question, what class of pint you use ? i hope you understand me jajaja

  17. Have you ever heard of Seche Vite? It's a super glossy super quick drying thick top coat. It's actually really nice. Not sure if you'd like it but you should try it if you never have.

  18. I have watched all your videos and everyday I wait to see if you have added anymore lol I love your designs and your voice is amazing!! the only person I know that I could watch and listen to all day ?x

  19. Did any one else think they looked like little strawberrys?

  20. they look some what like strawberry.?

  21. I love your videos! I really want to learn how to do gel nails but I think it may be toooooo difficult!
    Where should I star? How long does it take to finish the classes?

  22. :O Suzy Suzy Suzyyy..You my dear are a true artist. I'm a photographer and have seen a lot of nail designs for the weddings I've done & you have so much talent. I can't even polish my right hand without looking like a 2nd grader attempted it..Lol..Your voice is genius. I agree with the others when they said we could listen to her for hours and be totally amazed and relaxed.

  23. hi i have a question what shape do you have on in this video

  24. you now Mary chan she is my sister her name is Mary chan and my name is shisuka chan we are twins?

  25. +NailCareerEducation Could u do a rainbow spiral design?

  26. Hey Suzie! Do you know of any good acrylic brands I can purchase without a licence. I'd like start doing my own nails in hopes of getting my license soon.

  27. Hi where does get a calligraphy pen like the one you use… (ps) i love all ur work….i would so want u as my teacher

  28. We're did u get the air brush ink from can you get it from a nail supply shop

  29. Where is the calligraphy pen from and where do I get one?

  30. suzie are you right-handed or left-handed

  31. It's really nails nail art, but these "roses" look like small pink strawberries :D♥

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