Rosette Hairstyles 1 Half updo and 1 Updo!

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  1. Haha 🙂 "so it doesn't go all crazy in the front" ?

  2. I looove your videos!!! Will you please do more looks from pretty little liars? Especially their updos!

  3. I don't naturally have highlights in my hair either, that was the point of my comment, is that you can still do it even if you have hair that is only one colour. Some times if i am not careful, and don't pay much attention, i do get a messy bun look, but i find if i do try hard on making it neat, i can get the rose shape.

  4. well then you are very lucky to have two natural colours in your hair naturally but mine is only one brown so it still does not look as much like a rose with dimension in mind as yours does.

  5. I don't have highlights, and i was abel to do this hair style without a problem, you just need to be carful about the shape when you rap the hair around, to avoid getting a messy bun look.

  6. Hi! I'm Stephanie.I did -35 lbs last 1 month.Open

  7. I am so in love with your hair color!!!!!!!

  8. Omg you know what I realized? You know Nikki who knows Meghan who knows Evelina. And you know Rachel. And I'm subscribed to all of you guys!! You guys should have a YouTube party or something

  9. helllooo!:) I really like it…but can you make a tutorial for medium hair?:)

  10. I love your videos and I love your makeup. You always look so beautiful in your videos. You have taught me how to braid and actually do my hair!! I loove your videos! I'm so glad you take time to make them!

  11. Thought so too… sadly 🙁

  12. Lovely!!! ♥♥
    Can you please do a tutorial on the makeup look for this video?
    Thanks a bunch…

  13. your makeup is fabulous! and the hairstyles are very pretty

  14. I am doing the rosebud one except without the braids and with curls on my hair for Prom :)) I did a test run today and it looks so pretty!! :))

  15. Can you do a tutorial for some do's for short hair? My hair is shoulder length and I'd love to have something's that I can do with it.

  16. Why havnt you uploaded in forever?

  17. IMPORTANT!!!
    I am really loving your videos, I am subscribing and everything. I just REALLY REQUEST that you do HUNGER GAMES Clove's INTERVIEW hair. Not arena hair, but INTERVIEW. I really like how I can see many hair tutorials from you that I can't find anywhere else. So PLEASE, make a hair tutorial on The hunger game's Clove's INTERVIEW hair. PPPLLLEEAASSE!!!!
    I looked at other videos of it, and theyre all not the same, or even close to how she looked. again, PLEASE!

  18. Come watch my new video (: pretty please ^.<

  19. i'm an asian girl with a big dream and passion for makeup. i put my heart, soul, and time into tutorials.

    i started making videos and i'd appreciate your input and feedback: positive or constructive criticism. you guys are the experts on what people want to see, this is why i'm asking you to give me some feedback if you have the time.

    i know these get annoying, so i apologize, but if you have the time, please check out my channel! i hope you have a blessed day. thanks once again 🙂

  20. well, i just rebonded my hair… akfhkdhgka

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