Royal Crown Nail Art

❤ These fun crown nails are created with some of Sally Hansen’s new Royal Splendor Miracle Gel collection! I used ‘Can’t Beet Royalty’, along with Mauve-olous’ & ‘Plush Blush’ for this design.

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  1. This is nice for fall too. Thanks for sharing Hannah. I may attempt, but it will turn out like a beet and pink mash on my nails.

  2. 'With Plush Blush and a small brush' ??

  3. Can you do a video on different colored chrome nails?

  4. just one question… how do you do it with your non-dominant hand?

  5. Your paint job is always so perfect around the sides and cuticles! Love it! <3

  6. omg-i SHOULD have known this was freehand. …i thought it was a sticker! So cute!?

  7. So pretty!! Love the colors 😀

  8. Gorgeous!! They look perfect! ???

  9. this was so awesome . I m surely gonna try this nail art design of yours♡♡♡

  10. Your designs look very professional and complex but when you do it, it looks easy and makes me want to try it! Do you paint your other hand as well?^^

  11. Oh my gosh, you make it look so easy.. my hand would be shaking like a leaf. . I love your designs so much ❤

  12. On my to do list already ☺️

  13. that is cool Hannah I like it

  14. …now with a plush blush and a small brush…hahah love it xD

  15. Omg I am in love with these nails! They are totally going to be my next mani! They look like the crown from the queen of hearts in Alice in Wonderland♥?

  16. Hannah,first of all..Girl,your nails are goals!!! Seconnd this is soooo freaking cute!!!! I will def try it soon!

  17. love this design and love this colors … are really talented Hannah keep going❤❤❤

  18. dang your lines are so crisp and sharp

  19. This is another one that I am going to try out. Thanks! ?

  20. I wish I could meet you in person your so good at nails and I love nails myself!!

  21. I just simply love your nail arts
    you really make it so easy ?

  22. OMG you just rhymed (Plush Blush and a small brush?????

  23. hi hannah . loved the nail art design

  24. its an awesome design…. just loved it i m gonna try it soon and will surly tag u … instead of plush blush can we use White nail color????

  25. Ah wish my natural nails looked like yours ???

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