Rubiks Cube Nail Art

Enjoy, thanks for watching and please SHARE! 🙂

Products used:

  • Color Club Polish – Base Coat
  • NYColor Polish – Top Coat
  • Sally Hansen Polish – Black Heart
  • Non-toxic Acrylic Crafting Paint

Tools used:

  • Toothpick


  1. It looks amazing but its hard…. Wanna see how i will make this ???…..

  2. I cannot make it… Its very hard

  3. Where do u get the sugar coat

  4. You know what? That's a great idea and would REALLY complete the look! Nice idea 🙂

  5. Its not a must, but check my most recent video for my Q&A 🙂

  6. can someone help me find drugstore colors for the Rubik's cube nail colors?

    would Revlon's posh work for the green?

  7. This is cool, it would be neat to do a accent nail as a solved cube 😉

  8. Oh man I could never do this on my right hand… I'm way too shaky. Looks awesome though!

  9. I love regular show that would be an awesome idea.

  10. *cough* Luhan *cough*
    Did anyone get that reference, or…?

  11. you are soooo creative 🙂 thanks for sharing,

  12. where can you buy striping tape? I went to sally's,walmart and other local stores. they only have the french tip crap..

  13. I just watched cutepolish last video and she had she same music in her video :p

    Nice design :]

  14. Love love love love this! Check out my nail channel I do nail tutorials 3 times a week thanks

  15. can u use nail polish instead of acrylic paint?

  16. GEL OVERLAY. Get yourself a gel topcoat and a UV lamp (OH, and cleanser plus). You'll love yourself for doing it!

  17. i looooooooove them, thanks for the video!!!!

  18. Did she delete her last video

  19. Wow that is beautiful! You make it look so easy. I would love to try and do this design. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  20. Very pretty design ! loved it !!!

  21. This is awesome im gonna try it, But why do people use paint instead of nail palish?

  22. Awesome! I'm a cuber, I'll have to try this. 🙂

  23. Craft stores (such as Michael's or Hobby Lobby), or the craft area in a Wal Mart. And of course you can just use nail polish!

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