Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Step by Step Tutorial!


  1. This is not working and I have the same one anding doing the same thing ??

  2. Why is it that nobody else can get that stuff to work even half as good as you have, yet they didn't do anything different during application? Is there a step that the others are missing? I'd love to buy these powders to try out, but when each of them are $17, I'd rather not take a gamble and waste the money if it's going to turn out like so many others have found…

  3. I just got the holographic one today and that is why I am here

  4. I think everyone wants to know if you let it dry completely bc yours came out better than some others

  5. What nail polish would be good for the rose gold chrome one?

  6. It just looks more like a chrome polish

  7. It's not good don't buy it, it'd grainy!

  8. I just tried the holographic kit and when I tried to rub on the powder it would just rub right off! I followed directions carefully. (2-3 minutes so black base coat is "tacky") i ended up just packing on the powder but it's not at all the chrome effect!

  9. I tried this nail polish and it is lovely. Thank you???

  10. Or you could just wash your hands, don't really have to take a whole shower.

  11. Nice review on these Sally Hansen Salon Chrome, I had no idea that this was out there for me to purchase. Thank you! =)

  12. Why you always show 3 fingers??

  13. OMG!
    how u work on four channels
    1)Cutepolish 2)Polished 3)HannahRoxNails 4)Miss Hannah Rox It

  14. I have all the kits except the holo one. while pretty, they are NOT chrome. The directions on the box is different than your tutorial. I'll try your method, but I was very unhappy with this product.

  15. I wonder how long do they really last. I seen videos of chrome and in a few days or just after a long shower, it looks awful. I hope this last longer.

  16. So cool ?I want to do this one on my nails?

  17. Need this reallyyyy badly!!!! I need rose gold!!!!!

  18. I love this Hannah and I love the peacock and mermaid

  19. My favourite is definitely the holographic one ?. Hit like if your a fan of simply nail logical

  20. I looked on ulta, and I couldn't find the holo kit.

  21. I love that your videos are short and to the point!

  22. I love the Holo one and just checked but could not find it. I live in Germany and I have a friend visiting me from the US soon so where can I get it?

  23. Wow I'm early..can't believe it lol

  24. All of those shades are so gorgeous ? I can't wait to try them out for myself! ?✨?

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