HELLO LOVES! Today I am sharing scarf clothing hacks! how to transform your scarfs into clothes!! 6 ways 1 scarf!!


  1. HAPPY HOLIDAYS LOVES! I AM SO SORRY I had to re upload this youtube has been having a lot of issues! it would mean the WORLD TO ME if you all hit that bell notification on my channel to get NOTIFIED when I upload ! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH and hope you are having an amazing holidays with your loved ones! xo

  2. What happened to you doing Vlogmas??????????

  3. Could you do a beauty hack on coconut oil Xx love you Nicolette

  4. The clothing hack is awesome&I like the scarf hack too

  5. Hope u had an amazing xmas my gorgeous favourite youtuber ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Who else want a part two❤ ur hacks are goals?

  7. OMG!You are gifted Nicoletta You are even more beautiful then angilena Jolie

  8. I love your videos Nicoletta. And love u too. Xoxo

  9. ???again in love with this one

  10. I never clicked a vid so hard like this one! love ya Nicoletta!
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New year

  11. I’m def gonna use the last one

  12. I love your hacks their so helpful

  13. Does anyone know where are the jeans from? I see them a lot on Instagram but I never can find them in stores

  14. This is a beautiful video!!!!!

  15. U rock gurl i love u keep going u help us so much❤❤???

  16. Happy Holidays everyone!! It's Christmas Eve!

  17. Nice hacks! Missing your celebrity hacks videos ?☹️

  18. I have so many scarfs that I never wear but now I will! Love ur vids! ?

  19. this. changes. everything. Totally going to try this?

  20. Can u do a makeup tutorial for christmas or nw yr plz bcz <♥> u

  21. Please do more scarf hacks. They are so pretty and creative

  22. I really like your video ? please make a video about how you treat your skin because your skin is so glowing

  23. My hacks queen …<♥>…Can u do what i got for christmas…plz bcz <♥> ur vids

  24. Merry Christmas and love you so much and videos

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