SCHOOL OUTFIT IDEAS | Monday Through Friday

Thanks for watching! I know i’m well out of school but I had a bunch of requests for this so I hope it helps 🙂



  1. How are those Reebok shoes called???

  2. Love the sweater crop and glasses combo!

  3. omg. I`m totally in love with the second look. It looks so pretty and btw I really love your channel. It inspirings me in so many different ways. I`m really glad that I found your channel !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I am from Germany and my school (most german schools) has no dress-code.

  5. I am in love with all this outfits, I don't feel good with fact that I have uniform at school ?arghh
    My fav outfit is second one ?

  6. .I loved all these outfits and You have the best style ever

  7. The first outfit is my favorit

  8. One of the weird dress code rule in my school is no wearing jeans ??

  9. Wtf???this quality and editing goals?oh gosh hope also get it so on my channel?? and i love the outfits cry

  10. Your video is simple but very interesting, love it and love ya <3 <3 <3

  11. where is the green backpack from in the first outfit?

  12. Who cringed every time she said Asows ahah

  13. Where is the loafers from please?

  14. Where is your backpack from for Monday's outfit?

  15. Wait… Dress code? I'm from the Netherlands, what is that?

  16. I would wear the outfit with the skirt! In fact I saw a similar one at forever 21 and I had to buy it

  17. This is my favorite collection of ootds.

  18. Where did you get your white shoes ?

  19. I love the overalls ! Definitely underrated !

  20. tuesday and friday were my favourites!:)

  21. Hey Tess! I'm from Germany but I love your videos!You're an inspiration for me – I love your style so much!!! ?

  22. does anyone know what the actual model of the reebok shoes is called?

  23. yo me pongo el tercer outfit aquí en México y me violan 🙁 jajaja

  24. I would wear the one for Monday and Wednesday
    it's more of my style

  25. i thought it was marzia? until i heard her voice?

  26. This outfits are so awesome beautiful!!

  27. I LOVED the overalls, I just wish i could find a nice pair that really suits me and my style

  28. I LOVE THESE. I can actually wear these to school, except my fingers would never be above that skirt (you're lucky)

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