Sculpt Sexy Shoulders For Tank Top Time in 5 Minutes

It’s time to bare your shoulders with all the fun Summer fashions, from tank tops to strapless dresses. We have just the workout to help sculpt lovely arms, and it’s only five minutes! Press play, grab a set of five-pound dumbbells if you have them, and get ready for a fitness quickie.


  1. so I know a lot about workouts. just by using Unflexal guide 🙂

  2. Love this workout! Thank you!

  3. @Plank Crossover & Push-Up Walk
    @Crab Walk(Table Alt Hand Reach)
    @Scarecrow & Overhead Reach
    @Bent-Over Low Row & Reverse Fly(Hammer Row & Palm Up Back Fly)
    @Rainbow Press(Shoulder Overhead to Shoulder)

  4. her legs~so lean n toned~~ <3

  5. wow i do this at gymnastics practice

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