Sculpting Gel Nails – Step by Step Tutorial

Suzie shows how to create a beautiful set of Gel Nail Enhancements in this detailed, step by step tutorial. She also completes the look with gorgeous Nude Gel Paints.

Products used in this video:


  1. How long you take to do full set?tks

  2. The builder looks like it could run out fast, is it available in bigger pots?

  3. I have naturally dry hands and I find acrylic tends to be too dry a product for me. (I haven't had acrylic on in 20 years). Because gel us a softer moister (?sp) product, it lasts soooo much longer on my nails ?

  4. hey Suzie, quick question, I was under the assumption that you used a synthetic brush with gel and not a natural haired brush, is that true? If so, I was curious as to why this company included a natural hair brush in their pack? Thank you for these videos! entertaining, interesting, and educational. Love them and you! xoxo from Ohio

  5. When are you coming out with a gel kit? ?

  6. I am absolutely loving the new way that you are creating the videos – adding the text in point form and definitions. It is another great learning tool. Love the channel Susie and looking forward to what is coming in the future.

  7. I'm hoping you can try bios swift gel system, also dipping system from Revel dipping powder . love your work, you inspired me to start doing my nails.

    thanks, Magaly

  8. acrylic was easyer for me to learn than gell

  9. Thank you for teaching me what I got wrong

  10. hello! where can I purchase the mosaics hard gel system?

  11. I have worked with Mosaic gels for a while now and it's so nice to see you trying them out too! I've enjoyed using them, especially gel paints. More gel vids please! ♥ And hello from Helsinki, haha! 😀

  12. Is there a risk of “over curing”? If you build the gel on your natural nail, cure it, build a little more, cure it and go on and on until the last cure. Is there a risk of damaging anything by curing more than maybe it has to?

  13. Tutorial on ur pennywise nail

  14. So is this product not available in the US??

  15. I wish there was a Susie close to me!!!!! You are amazing!!!!

  16. What grit was used to file on top of the gel?

  17. If im using a gel polish with a sticky layer but i use a no wipe topcoat do i still have to wipe the polish before i put on the topcoat?

  18. Could you use tips instead of forms?

  19. Thank you, Suzie! You inspire me so much, I wish I could take a course with you in the future. Love from Italy ♥

  20. Nail Career Education Hi suzie I recently just started to watch your videos and they are absolutely amazing! I have a question, do I have to have a UV light for the gel polish to cure? I don't have one..?

  21. Can you buy any of the products you use without being a nail tech? Also have you ever used IBD gel?

  22. I would recommend always to start from the pinky.

  23. Wow your work is amazing!!!! and you're a great teacher?

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