Seashell & Starfish Nails


  1. the dripping paint design was awesome

  2. Oooh it is my favourite sea design!!!!
    Last year i did it. BUT i am sitting and thinking that this year i will do it again! )) Thank you a lot for the idea!!!))) I will try to make video, so you will be able to see what i got)) but don't be afraid of my result)))ahahah
    Thank you one more time

  3. C vraiment trop beau et simple pour l'été

  4. This is a super cute manicure for summer

  5. Congrats on all the followers!!!!:)

  6. Hey, how do you not get streaks? I just bought the mat nail Polish and even that doesn't help… :s

  7. What's the name if this song? And is it from the YT library?

  8. OMG! this is so creative! btw i like all of them with the shells

  9. Those are sooo cute!!!
    You should do like a little grumpy cat or something!

  10. I love your vids always watch them!

  11. what is your name????please tell me………

  12. Can you do a tutorial on how to get camo nails 🙂

  13. Omg! This is SO beautifull!

  14. can you use white or green if you dont have mint green

  15. Hello cutepolish! I love your nail designs, I especially love the flappy bird nail art!!! I'm pretty good with makeup, not so much with nails haha

  16. I think i am going to wear This in summer 🙂

  17. hi 🙂 cutepolish i love your nail arts ! are you a beutician ?
    you have beautiful nails <3 how old are you ? 

  18. Who ever dislikes are hater and should not be watching these great videos then!

  19. can you do a cute design for short nails !p.l.z!

  20. I luv the ocean sooo much, weakness captured on the tip of ur nail! lool gotta try dis one, your nail art is beautiful!

  21. Who keeps on disliking how can you not like her nails they're lovely!!!! X

  22. its difficult 🙁 i will try it hhahah

  23. Love love love; going to do this! SO CUTE!

  24. Preety crafty -I am also ten but i have long nails and that would fit to my nails

  25. Oh my gosh! I seriously thought that you got some kind of nail strip with a design pre-printed on it it to do this design! Your an amazing nail artist!

  26. That won't fit on my nails I am ten and my nails are small for this nail art

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