SELENA GOMEZ Hair Hacks EVERY Girl Should Know !


  1. So excited to be doing these celebrity hack videos again hehe! LET me know who you want next!?
    Thank you for watching loves!

  2. Please do the youtuber Nicoletta xo hair hacks because her hair is amazing ?

  3. Love you so much!!❤️ I am part of the notificationsquad cause you amazing!?

  4. Could u do more storytime vids I love them

  5. I love you so much following you on all social media such as snapchat instagram and twitter

  6. Keep it up love u and ur vids XOXO ?

  7. Great now I know how to make my hair look amazing if my hair was thick enough and could actually hold a curl hahahaha ❤️

  8. Hello from turkey! Love u so much ??

  9. Can you do a Demi Lovato one

  10. I dont know what's happening nowadays whenever you appload a video I don't see it on my description…yes!! I am subscribed and part of the #notifiactionsaquad the only way I realize is from your instagram…But I loved this video ❤❤

  11. 0:19 who thought about superwoman (lily sigh when she hid her hikey?????

  12. You are looking beautiful with curls

  13. Yesss Selena my queen . Thanks for doing this one

  14. Nicoletta??? I love you so so much and please make video about skin care hacks from celebrities.

  15. can you do vanessa hudgens hair hacks please,love you

  16. you are great make a video on Dua Lipa

  17. please do rihanna curly hai hacks <3

  18. @Nicoletta your hair looks so pretty with curls I was so surprised to see your hair curly when the video first came on you look beautiful❤

  19. More celebrity videos please!!! ??

  20. can u do a smooth body hack video plzzzzzzzzzz

  21. I let u down I’m not early?

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