SELENA QUINTANILLA Makeup, Hair & Outfit | Carli Bybel

Hi my loves! Finallyyyyy this video is up!! I’ve been planning this one for weeks. I’ve loved Selena for as long as I can remember! When I was a little girl I remember going over to my next door neighbors house and watching the Selena movie on repeat. She was and still is such an inspiration to so many people. I had SO much fun recreating this look for you guys!! Sorry for the delay on posting this! I had technical difficulties with my hair situation! I new i wanted to use bangs for this look and of course couldn’t find mine! Luckily i found my fed ex driver and got these bad boys ;)) I had SO much fun filming this look for you guys. Women empowerment is a beautiful thing! I hope you guys enjoy XOXO Carli






  1. damn she rocked this selena look like i was shook

  2. Need to know the music in the end, been looking for ages! Someone help me out please ?

  3. welp you definitely have the selena body haha

  4. I think you looks very beautiful dear.. I don't understand Why some pp are so ignorant and rude!. if You do only makeup and hairstyle tutorial of Selena Q. I NOT see the problem!!.?✌

  5. You look so beautiful Carli! Good Job I am Latina and you do look like my girl Selena Quintanilla RIP

  6. you are simply beautiful love the makeup look you did an awesome job! ??

  7. you did an amazing job. Selena will always be my idol ???

  8. I love when people say they listen to Selena and all they know is bidi bidi bom bom and dreaming of you occasionally Como la flor.

    Like no one mentions her other bops techno cumbia was the shit!!! But ofc it wasn't in her movie so most people don't know it.

  9. you should do a christina aguilera look if you haven't already. you already have similar features 🙂

  10. Im latina and i love it greetings from Perú

  11. Yeah desi did do an amazing job. Why bother uploading this garbage, you failed

  12. Maravillosa transformación!!, todos amamos a Selena, besos desde Colombia

  13. Im Hispanic and honestly people here who are fighting about her being "white" or whatever are ignorant.Nothing said she had to be Hispanic to honor a person. Psh, like honestly. She looked good and ofc Selena was a Hispanic singer and was known to the Hispanics better but her music is for all people

  14. She's honoring someone, not trying to be offensive. You butthurt sons of bitches need to stop.

  15. Please tell me which camera you used

  16. You look and did amazing mama, you did a great job, don't let these jerks tell you other wise



  19. woooow, i'm mexican and i recognize that you look absolutely beautiful with that makeup and i fell in love with your hair… you look as a latina! <3

  20. girl get out of here ur not even a mexican girl! ur a white girl ! move around ..! u didn't even wear brown contacts . so i guess ppl only wear color contacts but not brown … but u want to impersonate or immate a latina !

  21. wow Carli, you did an amazing job in creating Selena's look. I loved her when I was a little girl. And seeing you recreate her look brought back those wonderful memories. Thank you ??❤❤⚘⚘?

  22. I'm Mexican and at first I was a little offended then I was like why tho

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