Sexual Assault: When Idols Become Abusers

From Hollywood Producers and Prestigious Doctors to BJJ Black Belts and Politicians, how people of status can get away with so much for so long, and what we can do to prepare our children.

  1. Address the Truth About Sexual Assault
  2. Eliminate the Support Systems
  3. Empower our Youth
    -Status Doesn’t Equal Safety
    -My Body, My Choice
    -Boundaries Apply to Everyone

Thanks to the courageous survivors of his heinous crimes, Larry Nassar will serve up to 175 years behind bars. To show our support, we would like to sponsor all survivors of his abuse to receive free training at any Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Certified Training Center worldwide. While we know that nothing can undo what was done, we have seen the incredible healing effect that learning self-defense has had on countless survivors we’ve had the privilege of working with, and we hope to extend these benefits to the survivors of Nassar’s crimes when they are ready.

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