Shadow-Boxing Workout For Seriously Toned Abs & Arms

Got 10 minutes to spare? That — along with one-to-three-pound weights and some on-trend all-white workout gear — is all you need to master the quick and precise boxing movements that will help you achieve next-level arms and abs. Follow along with the video above as fitness trainer and all-around girl crush Olivia Amato takes us through her workout.

We’ve partnered with Victoria’s Secret to help you get fit — and look good doing it — for the season ahead.


  1. Check Unflexal handbook if you want to learn about workouts much much more.

  2. She's a great trainer, I would love to find some more workout videos by her.

  3. Love this workout! I wish she would do a longer version she's awesome!

  4. will doing this with one leg in front the whole time make he legs uneven? like one leg is thicker than the other?

  5. How is she gonna try and teach boxing when she needs to learn boxing?

  6. The trainer is so pretty and I love her outfit ?

  7. I'm having trouble with the footwork, and timing + order of the 4 combo shadow boxing :/ It's visually pleasing to watch you do it because you do it flawless but also frustrating because I can't get it right. I'll try to master this though as I want this in my custom crossfit workout.

  8. Great workout…. where do you have another one like this?…

  9. ?? am i in love ? ???

  10. please Victoria. . do some more..

  11. boxing workouts are the best. please do them more often

  12. watch my shadowboxing video looking for tips on my form and technique thanks !

  13. Lost 15 pounds doing pop sugar workouts. Amazing workout content. I work out 5 times a week and eat healthy. Lots of water and no juices or sodas or sugars !! Lots of fruits and vegies!!!

  14. Her physique and outfit both impressive!

  15. great workout! the out fit looks awesome. Thanks for the upload x

  16. Yes! Love this. Great trainer.

  17. Great workout. Audio is off (music loud/voice super soft). Thanks!

  18. Olivia, love the boxing swag. When I do this quickie workout, I feel so empowered, so strong. God bless you. Thanks!

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