Shape Your Nails Perfectly Oval! | Tips, Tricks, and Nail Care!

Shape your nails perfectly oval! So many of you guys have been asking how Hannah gets her gorgeous nail shape – she filmed this tutorial to show you guys her tips and tricks on how to do it! We hope you enjoy it 🙂

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. His nail was so cute what I do for my

  2. nice shape but can you please upload the nail hacks videos

  3. Like vasline or coconuts mint moisturizer

  4. Can you do a how to make a stiletto Nail shape!?!

  5. Uhhhhh NO!!! 150/180 is WAY too abrasive for the natural nails! You should go for a 240 or even higher because anything less will make them jagged and rough.

  6. unfortunately my mom do not like long nails and sadly i have to cut them every sunday

  7. I play violin…..too bad for me then?

  8. thank you very very much

  9. My nails are a cute oval now! Love them! Thanks!

  10. omg….awesome I love it?????

  11. i love hannahs nails they are soo pretty and they look strong??

  12. How to make french nails for short nails

  13. you did this vid before my b day ??

  14. oh wow ur nails are a perfect shape ????

  15. Oval or square for long nail beds and long fingers? 🙁

  16. Does olive oil works the same as jojoba oil did?
    Love you girls so much! 🙂

  17. Omg in Pokemon sun and moon you have a professor named kukui LOLOLOL

  18. my nails start need bending when they grow what should I do??

  19. hi i wanna ask, for you which is better? oval or coffin

  20. Realizing I can't because I bite my nails…

  21. I play guitar. Which means my nails always have to be short which means I'll just go in a corner and cry. Byeeee

  22. Hi, can you please tell me what nail polish did you use in this tutorial? Your nails are super shiny and clean looking… Tnx…

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